5 DIY Home Projects for Fall and Winter

Many people think all home DIY projects should be done in Spring and Summer months, and this may be true for many outdoor projects. However, there are plenty of home renovation projects that can be done through Fall and Winter. Not all DIY projects have to be a costly investment, either. And the amount of free inspiration out there is endless, ranging from blogs and social media (ex: Pinterest), to Homeclick and even Google. You can spend less and still do plenty to improve your home.

1.  Add water filter systems for your home or business. Water filters are affordable and can be purchased in a few different forms. You can purchase a large filtration system that connects directly to your water source or water heater, filters that connect at the tap or some people choose simpler pitcher water filters, such as a Brita. You have to replace the filter at set intervals for maximum efficiency
The manufacturer will state how often this needs to occur. You will want to consider the costs of filter replacements when choosing which option is right for you. You can even take it further by replacing old leaky faucets while you are at it.


2.  Block drafts. Blocking drafty areas around your home will not only make it more comfortable, but can also save a lot of money on energy bills. Basic weather stripping can be applied to windows with a source of heat, such as a blow dryer. This puts a barrier between leaky or draft prone windows and the inside of your home. You can buy weather stripping kits at your local hardware store. A few other options to consider for draft blockage include placing homemade or purchased draft blockers to place at the base of windows and doors, re-caulking around windows, or strips that can be placed along the outer window to prevent drafts. The strips are made from an insulating foam-like material.


3. Patch the roof. Check for any leaks and patch them before the weather becomes too cold. Leaks that freeze can do major damage to your roof. The earlier you catch them, the more you save in the long run. Small leaks can often be patched with shingles or tar (depending on where the leak is occurring).


4. Refinish old furniture. Old, out of date furniture can be turned trendy with a few cheap changes. Try adding a fresh coat of paint, new drawer knobs, or strip and re-stain wood that has taken a beating.


5.  Spackle and Repaint rooms. Painting a room is a cheap way to make a change. You can drastically alter the appearance of the room with a different color. Consider adding or removing wallpaper. Wall stencils are also a popular choice for decorating. Check for cracks and holes before repainting. Fill them with spackle to help maintain insulation. This will also make the walls appear more professional and uniform. Spackling a wall is much easier than it may appear. Spackle and scoops are cheap supplies at hardware stores. You just fill the holes with spackle and take the scoop over it to remove any excess “bulge”. Don’t forget to add primer with your paint.


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