Andy & Evan- Shirtzies for Little Gentlemen

I have 3 little boys, and I love them to bits.  But…..let’s face it, little boys wear is generally pretty boring.  There, I said it.  There are no frilly little skirts.  No pink flowery ruffle blouses.  Definitely no sparkly dresses with cute little tights.  So, when I discovered these cute dressy clothes for baby boys and toddlers, I really got excited!

The clothes from Andy & Evan for little gentlemen are creatively designed, with amazing attention to details.  They are an extensive collection of mini dress shirts, dress pants, neckties, cashmere sweater vests, and blazers.  They are available in sizes from birth to 4T.  I particularly liked their huge collection of boys dress shirts or “Shirtzies”.  They come in a multitude of fabrics and colours, including “Any Given Chambray: Blue wash, Grey wash”,  and “Puppy Love: Brown, Blue, Black”.

I grabbed my little 17 month old, and had fun (finally) dressing him up.  He is constantly “on the go” these days.  Today, he was determined to ride his “pet” horsy while I was trying the Shirtzies on him.  I loved the feel of the soft cotton material of the shirts, and the velvety velour fabric sewn into the underside of the collars.  Also, the shirts were tagless, with the shirt info ironed right onto the inside of the shirt, making the shirt very comfy for my baby to wear.  The Shirtzie buttoned underneath making it like a shirt onesie – what a great idea!  No more pulled out dress shirts hanging out over pants.  The stitching and embroidery on the shirts was pristine, and looked very high quality.  Another added bonus was that the fabric around the underside of the sleeves was a different colour and style.  You could get two totally different looks from the same shirt if you rolled up the sleeves!  My only issue with the shirt was that it was very difficult to do up the top button.  My little guy would have a complete melt down every time I attempted it, so maybe they could replace it with a quicker snap button instead.

Overall, I really liked both the overall quality and design of these Shirtzies from Andy & Evan for little gentlemen.  As for my toddler, well he thought that they were extremely comfortable to wear, so much so that he soon fell asleep.

Thanks Natalie for another great review!


  1. oh my gosh, these are so cute! Would have loved this when my kids were young. 🙂

  2. Little boys always look so adorable in collared shirts, like tiny little men.

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