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Having a big family we do not travel as much as I would like to. But when we do I look for every possible way to save money, get the most out of the experience and more. No matter if it is a day trip to Toronto or a family trip to Disney.  Saving money, being safe and having fun are the things we take into consideration.  Just recently I became aware of all of the travel tips, tricks and saving CAA has to offer. I figured since I just learnt about this, that many of you may not know too. So hopefully this post will help you all save a bit and get the most out of your vacation dollars.

Did you know CAA can book your vacation for you?fcaa n Online you can choose your destination, book your flight, hotel and more. You can even get travel insurance. The last thing I want on my vacation is to worry about a hefty hospital bill if somebody gets hurt or ill. CAA members save 5%  on medical insurance as well.
Destination information- While looking into vacation I am planning I noticed there was  a page full of destination information. Info I was able to find was:

  • Travel reports and warnings (Before you leave the country, get travel information and alerts on global destinations.)
  • Cash alternatives (CAA offers a wide variety of cash alternatives for your vacation that can be replaced if lost or stolen.)
  • Travel insurance
  • International drivers permits (International Driver’s Permits allow travellers to drive in more than 150 different countries)
  • Travel assistance and documentation check list

Resources like tour info and maps are extremely handy as well. If you want to book a car rental you can do it through CAA as well.  I was also able to find preferred seating for CAA members and discount attraction tickets.
Hanging out local? No worries. CAA has you covered too. Here are some of the discounts I found. These must be ordered online or from a CAA Store, to avoid disappointment.

Cineplex Theatres
Wherever you are, CAA Members get exclusive discounts!

Canada’s Wonderland
CAA Members receive up to 15% off when purchasing adult and children’s tickets.

Ontario Science Centre
CAA Members save up to 10% off the regular price!

Universal Orlando
CAA Members receive exclusive discounts when purchasing tickets to Universal Orlando® Resort.

Kennedy Space Center
The sky isn’t the limit – it’s just the beginning.

There was a huge list of featured USA and Canadian attractions as well as a list of CityPasses. I highly recommend checking it out before you book your next trip. See here for more info http://www.caasco.com/Travel.aspx

I am glad to know that through CAA I can map out my next trip, buy my tickets, book my hotel and save while doing it all. And if I break down, they have me covered. Suddenly driving to Florida with three kids does not seem so scary.


Disclosure – I am participating in the CAA program by ShesConnected.  I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Thanks for the information. I had no idea there was such a thing as an international drivers permit!

  2. Journeysof TheZoo says

    I love that I can save money at places that I go anyways all because I use a service that I love. Everyone wins.

    P.S. I just got travel insurance for the first time last week and saved 50%!

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  3. We love our CAA membership–it really is more than car stuff! We just purchased Disney tickets via CAA & I liked that they offered a slight discount, and that we have the tickets in hand before arriving at Disney.

    Jenna http://www.snymed.blogspot.ca

  4. I have no idea that they can book trips for you! That's awesome and helps so much for families 🙂

  5. We love CAA membership. It was really helpful for our summer vacation: road maps, planning etc.

  6. Great information! I've come to learn a lot about CAA recently. I hadn't realized that they offered their members so many incentives. I think it's amazing that they will assist their clients with not only planning their vacations, but booking them too!

  7. mommyoutside says

    Just got my CAA renewal notice in the mail yesterday actually 🙂 I wouldn't be without my membership. Just over the past year I've used it for a boost (when I left my lights on all day), booking hotels, saving while shopping, renewing my driver's license and my husband used a TripTik for his trip to California.

  8. Insane Mamacita says

    Thank you for so much valuable information! I did not know you could book trips with CAA!

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