Considerations with Deciding on LASIK Surgery

Many people who have vision problems get tired of having to wear corrective lenses. They want their eyes to be seen rather than hidden behind eyeglasses. Some simply get tired of all the care that must be used for contact lenses, which leads them to seek other options. One of these is lazer eye surgery. These procedures can help repair the eye so corrective lenses are no longer needed. Of these procedures, LASIK surgery is the one most patients choose, but before getting this procedure it is important to be informed as to not only the procedure’s benefits but its drawbacks as well.
Many people will save money in the long run as they will no longer have to purchase eyeglasses or contact lenses. Most insurers cover the cost of LASIK so this can make the surgery affordable. There is a lot of freedom afforded to the patient following the surgery, which comes from not wearing corrective lenses. For those people who participate in sports not needing glasses can make it much easier to play. Those who swim can now do so with contacts or prescription swim goggles. After LASIK surgery life is generally much easier; in some situations patients report their vision is even better after LASIK than it was with their eyewear.
As with anything, there are also some possible cons to having LASIK surgery. The most prevalent complication that people experience after LASIK is dry eye. When the corneal flap is cut the corneal nerves are severed. These nerves often never return to the same state as they were prior to the surgery. When patients experience dry eye they often can feel that there is something in their eye. They may also experience scratchiness, soreness and burning. If this possible complication is seen as too much of a potential risk patients can continue wearing their eyewear.

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