Countdown to a Retro Christmas

If you’ve ever felt that familiar wave of nostalgia washing over you as the Christmas decorations go up and the nights draw in, you’re certainly not alone: going retro is most definitely acceptable at this time of year. Take a look at these old-school gift ideas that still have a few years left in them before being consigned to the scrap heap.

Originally launched in 1998, these seemingly intelligent cuddly toy robots spawned a craze
that generated impressive sales figures across the world. Furbies begin life speaking an almost monosyllabic language called Furbish which they eventually replace with a growing number of English words and phrases. A recent relaunch confirms that the modern Furby still has the capacity to tug at those heart strings, whilst a new iOS app also opens up even more possibilities for interaction.

Mr Potato Head
Despite the relentless march of modern life, Mr Potato Head has remained a constant, reassuring example of the strength of good, solid design. Behavioral therapists will be able to tell you all sorts of interesting facts about modularity and developmental play, but you can just ignore all that and revel in the pure simple joy that will always result from sticking Potato Head’s ear where an ear just shouldn’t go. Available in a variety of guises from Dark Knight to Mr Spock, this is truly timeless tattie.

Most adults will have encountered this well designed construction set at some stage in their lives and it’s not hard to see why it continues to be a popular choice for young and old alike. With possibilities only limited by your imagination, Meccano offers a great way for children to indulge their capacity for creative play.



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