Easy Bulk Gift Idea: Custom Coffee Mugs

Are you the designated gift-giver for a family reunion or company event? Give custom coffee mugs! You can take the corporate or handmade route; your two main options are 1) order custom mugs in bulk online or 2) hand-paint a coffee mug for each recipient. Having a drinkware printer do the work is obviously the most efficient approach, but this article looks at both options.

Option 1: Order Customized Coffee Mugs Online

How it works:Ordering from an online drinkware printer includes a setup fee of about $50. After that, mugs cost as little as $2 each. This means you could get 25 custom mugs for just $100. Minespress promotional mugs are probably your best choice for attractive instead of cheap-looking mugs. You can choose from 15 stylish ceramic designs and a variety of bold glaze colors.

You can upload one or two images for the mugs, whichever you prefer. Here are some image suggestions for families and workplaces:

1.     A group photo. Upload a photo of your whole family or work group. File formats used by Minespress are AI, PDF, JPEG, PSD, TIFF, EPS and INDD. Tip:Run the photo through an image editor beforehand to remove shine and optimize the color. You could also change the photo to black and white or sepia tone. 

2.     A logo.Upload your company logo or family crest. If you don’t have a common symbol for your group, make one online with a free logo tool! You might also like some of the free emblems offered at the Minespress website.

3.     A common interest.Does your company or family have a sports team? A shared interest? A motto? Brainstorm about your company culture to generate clever ideas for custom mugs.
If you’d like a unique image, think about who you know in your family or at work who would enjoy providing great artwork. You can also find affordable artists online through Craiglist, Fiverr.com, ODesk and other job posting websites.
Option 2: Decorate Mugs at Home

How it works:Buy cheap mugs at the dollar store and adorn them using porcelain ceramic pens. (Porcelain paint pens are available at most craft stores and sell for about $5 at major online art supply shops.) After that, just bake the mugs to set the design. This option might cost more in time and money, but there’s nothing like a homemade gift.
You can paint freehand or use a stencil. To cut down on time, choose simple designs such as a family initial surrounded by stripes or polka dots. If you are giving mugs to several couples or families, make your work easier by duplicating designs.

Well Done! 

Whichever option you choose, giving custom mugs as holiday gifts makes good sense. They are inexpensive yet useful and thoughtful. They can serve as anything from excellent promo products to thoughtful gifts for parents and other loved ones. Everybody has a few favorite mugs. Give a great mug and you’ll be thought of with every morning coffee!


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