Hasbro Treats for Party bags and Halloween

this Halloween I was looking for some fun and sugar free treats for my daughter and her class. With so many allergies I was concerned what I could send to school for her to share. I was so happy to see Hasbro had some exciting alternatives. Little Play-dohs and mystery bags fr boys and girls. these are not only good for Halloween but also Birthday party loot bags.

Check out Hasbro Canada for details.

The Play-doh is perfect colours for this time of year. The size is great for little hands. I love how creative my children are when they create and lay with Play-doh.

These are really cute. My daughter loves the Ponys.

These are fun for all ages (except toddlers as there is a choking hazard)

I also like that these are great for hours of fun and not gone in a day like candy.

Do you think your kids would like treats like this for Halloween?


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