Know How To Play An Instrument? Maybe You Should Add Singing To Your Repertoire

If you’re someone who’s currently able to play an instrument, the chances are that you’re having fun with it. It’s either that, or you play professionally in some capacity. Most often, either you know how to sing as well, or you’re someone who doesn’t really excel when it comes to that aspect of music. If you’re the latter, this post will show you the advantages of knowing how to sing as well, in addition to some steps you can take on the path to improvement.


Two Main Advantages

More talent is always better. Knowing how to sing and play an instrument can make you feel more competent as a person. On the other hand, in a strictly professional capacity, clients will of course pay more for those who have more talent. After all, by hiring you for a slightly higher fee, they may save money in the long run, instead of spending for another person entirely. Knowing how to sing and play an instrument makes you more resilient. Imagine the horror if you suddenly got a sore throat for some reason. If all you know is how to sing, that can cripple you pretty severely. In a similar vein, if you only know your instrument, some injury to your hands or mouth may affect your playing. Hence, in the interest of covering your bases, knowing more is bound to do you much good.


Steps to Take

Commit to learning about singing. This entire post and every other resource out there won’t help you, unless you genuinely commit to the effort needed to learn. Learn how to sing on your own. Go research singing lessons available online, buy books that teach you about the craft, or just hash it out until people tell you that you’re getting better at your new musical direction. Find a teacher or learn with a group. It’s not hard at all to find voice instructors near you. You can either check online for such information, post an ad on services like Craigslist, or ask someone you trust for a recommendation. On the other hand, if group learning is what you prefer, sign up to a singing group or your local choir.


Well, there you have it. You now know the advantages and the steps to take, so go out there and have twice the fun!


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