Lunchmate Helping Make lunchtime happytime

I have written many times about my picky kids. Not only are my children picky but our school has lots of food restrictions due to allergies. As you can imagine this makes packing lunches a difficult chore for me. We have always been fans of Lunchmates, ever since I can remember.

They are easy for kids to open.
Yummy for them to eat.
Full of variety.
And in one convenient package.

Now with healthier options.

Not only are the Lunchmate + fruit healthier but they are GREEN. Check it out

If you are like me and want to save money, you will want to check out the $1 off coupon on the Lunchmate Facebook page.

When we went to pick up our Schneiders Lunchmate + fruit  let dd pick out which kind she wanted. After all she would be the one eating it.  Each Lunchmate +Fruit kit comes with a Del Monte fruit cup and the pizza or meat and cheese with cracker combo. Oh, and a spoon, so handy.

You also get a small paper in each Lunchmate + fruit and it allows you to redeem points for rewards. Win win 🙂 Rewards include;

  • Gift cards for food and entertainment
  • Labels, Crayola products and Staples Ecards
  • Hasbro toys
  • HMV and Toys R Us gift cards
  • much much more

You can see more about the Lunchmate Club and rewards here.

I was picking at my daughters Lunchmate + fruit and really love the cubes of cheese. She was stacking them and eating them individually. When I am having a busy morning these are great to grab and throw into the kids backpacks. They are also great for after school snacks. So happy my picky eaters have found something both I and the school can agree on them having for lunch.

Have you tried them yet?

disclosure-I am a member of the MLF Connections program. As a part of my participation in the program I have received compensation for this post. However all opinions expressed are honest and of my own. 



  1. would like to try the LUNCHMATE® + FRUIT 2 CHEESE PIZZA

  2. THis woud be great for the kids 🙂

  3. I think my son would like to try Kolbasa, cheese, crackers and fruit or Turkey.

  4. My nephew would like the LUNCHMATE® + FRUIT 2 CHEESE PIZZA.


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  6. Karry Knisley says

    She would love to try the 2 cheese pizza

  7. Angela Mitchell says

    My daughter would like the Fruit and Ham Lunchmate.

  8. I reloaded the page and the rafflecopter is not being seen by me in chrome

  9. My boys would love the LUNCHMATE® + FRUIT 2 CHEESE PIZZA

  10. We would like to try the LUNCHMATE® + FRUIT HAM.

  11. We don't do lunch mates but we would use it to get BACON!

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