Luxury & Comfort- That is all I want

I am in my thirties with four children. Well, one is in college and to me still a child. But you know what I mean.

I have been driving around in the mom car and living the mom life for many years. I love being a mom. I really do. But as I get older I am craving some of the finer things that are not “mom” like.  I am craving luxury and comfort. I think just having had my nails done and staying in a swanky hotel has gotten me feeling this way. I have always been the “put my kids first” kind of mom. No matter if it is a cute pair of boots a night out with the family or the vehicle we drive. It has always been what do the kids want? What is best for the kids?

Well you know what? I need to start asking myself what do I want? And I NEED to start listening. I am not talking anything crazy like a vacation or even a fancy car like the new BMW x3 Not that I wouldn’t enjoy both. However we are still looking to save and send our kids to school. So for me, those are not options lol.  The me first changes I need to make are for things like getting my hair done, eating right and yes, buying those boots I have been drooling over for the last few weeks.

Being pampered and having a chance to relax is such a wonderful feeling.After all a happy mom is a happy family, right? Or as my hubs would say “Happy Wife , Happy life”


Even though I said nothing crazy like a a vacation or car, I do keep going back to the luxuriousness BMW x3 especially since it seats 5 so comfortably. It definitely would help with the mom taxi duties.  And with the cold Canadian winters, the heated seat would be so nice.

Other ways moms can pamper themselves are

  • Taking a bubble bath. Lock the door, light the candles, turn on the tunes and relax.
  • Order in. Do not cook, no worries about dishes. Just order in for dinner once a month.
  • Buy something that makes you feel good about yourself. Clothes, jewelry, etc. Save up and splurge. Even if only once. I know it makes me feel good.

There are so many ways to be pampered. A little something for every budget.  How do you enjoy luxury and comfort?


  1. very good news,your are good boy!

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