The Chevy Farm

With the new year around the corner I am starting to think more and more about a new car. We really need something new. Maybe not brand new off the lot but new to us. We have had the same old car for quite some time. It is good for getting us from A to B and is great on gas.  Just, well, it is really small. And sadly it is starting to shake, rattle and maybe one day no longer roll.

Having three kids still at home and two being teens, we need more room as well. Groceries and friends and sports equipment take up a lot of room. In the car we have now, there is no way we could even take the dogs if needed. We actually need a truck.  I was looking online, as I do and came across the Chevy Farm out in Edmonton Alberta. It is a bit away from here and I suppose local dealers would have the same stock. But I really like the 2013 chevrolet equinox in white. It actually is exactly what we need.  It seats 5 but that is good for my at home family. It is a great looking SUV. The price seems good too for brand new. Hmm. Maybe I should ask for one for Christmas ?

I know this is not do-able right now but it is still okay to dream.  I even looked for local chevrolet dealers There are many very close to me. It would be fab to take hubs over and go for a test ride. Who knows I may get lucky and find one a bit older and more in my price range. I have always liked trucks and SUVs.  Something about sitting up higher is always appealing to me. More arm and leg room as well.


So if you were to pick out one of the Chevy cars to take home, which would it be?


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