Canada Beef Pot Roast #LoveCDNBeef

Winter in our home means comfort foods and lots and lots of meat and potatoes  Warm dishes that cook all day long and require very limited effort by me. They fill the house with wonderful smells and warmth. But still taste good and can feed a bunch. I enjoy making roasts and stews and other warm your belly meals for my family. My boys are teens and still growing, so they eat a lot!

I thought I knew everything there was about cooking a Pot Roast until just recently.

Pot roasts – these cuts are as the name implies…cooked in a pot. Amazingly 65% of Canadians don’t know the difference between an oven roast and pot roast. I never actually had cooked a roast in a pot before,  well maybe a slow cooker. I actually never even knew roasts were different. I thought they were the same (for the most part).  Boy was I wrong. There are a few options when it comes to a Beef roast. Today I am going to share with you my experience with the pot roast.

Like always I did my research and wanted to see what recipe I would tackle. The recipe I chose was pretty much what I normally do in the oven. The Hearty Fall Beef pot Roast Dinner.  So off to the grocery store I went. My local store has a huge selection of  beef and everything was well labelled. So picking the right roast was easy.



Once I chose my roast I headed home and put everything I needed in the pot and started it up. Glad  I have some big pots. I cooked it low and kept adding water so it took most of the day. this was exactly what I wanted. We enjoyed the roast with potatoes and gravy and some veggies for dinner that night. It was tender and juicy. I had lots left over so I decided to make a stew for the next day. Meals like roasts leave you with so many leftover options they really do help you stretch your food dollar. I was also able to use the juice in the pot to help with the stews gravy. Both meals were yummy and filling. My entire family was pleased and cleared their plates.



Info bout  pot roasts

Types: blade · cross rib · top blade · bottom blade boneless · brisket · shoulder

Cook Pot Roasts using moist heat, by either braising, pot roasting or simmering in a liquid. Cook Pot Roasts until fork-tender or well done. Consider the convenience of the slow cooking Pot Roast – it makes its own delicious sauce while cooking and can be made a day ahead, re-warming nicely in its own gravy.


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