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Looking for gifts for the book lover in your life? DK Canada has the nicest selection of books in their Gift Boutique I have seen in a while.



My family loves books. I have always found the quality of DK Canada books to be wonderful. the books usually have a glossy cover and are big and with great graphics. Perfect for the coffee table or for gift giving. Below are a few of the books my family can expect to see under the tree this year.


20th Century

From global wars to the digital revolution, this visual guide showcases the century that changed everything. Stunning historic photographs, illustrated timelines, artifacts and first person eyewitness accounts capture the drama of history in the making and showcase the most significant events, people and cultural milestones that have shaped our world today.


Hors d’oreuvres -From simple quick appetizers to sophisticated creations that will really wow your guests, discover how to make tarts, blinis, frittatas, Middle Eastern mezze, Spanish tapas, and more — in DK’s Hors d’Oeuvres.

Featuring innovative assembly sequences, technique step-by-steps, and “6 ways with” spreads that take a basic style of hors d’oeuvres and give you six simple and stunning recipe ideas, Hors d’Oeuvres shows you how to create these masterpieces yourself all through fully illustrated, clear step-by-step assembly sequences, ensuring your work is never less than perfect.


Optical Illusions-With the dynamic interactive Optical Illusions, each time readers turn the page, lift the flaps, or pull the tabs, they’ll be confronted with an even more amazing optical illusion!

This guide to the world of eye-tricks is fun for the entire family — providing new and gasp-inducing moments on each page. Along with the illusions, which include a spinning thaumatrope, a stereoscope, and an entrancing 3D sculpture that “follows” you around the room, readers will welcome learning the latest theories about why illusions fool us.

Check out DK Canada and get the newest books available for your family and friends.

Do you have  book fan on your list? What book(s) are you putting under the tree?


  1. Oh, I love DK Canada. I am actually wanting to get that 20th century book – so great to have in the family room!

  2. My husband is a reader and those are some great books! My son loves books too.
    My husband is into a viking series right now so I'll pop over and see if they have it 🙂
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  3. oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE DK books!! And yes, we are ALL book lovers over here 🙂 Everyone in my family will be getting books of some sort under the tree for sure!

  4. lovely collection of books we really like DK
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  5. WOW, DK books looks amazing. I love books and these are definitely ones that I'd love to read. I'd love that Disney Pixar one and so would my girls.

  6. Little miss Kate says

    I buy books as gifts all of the time, both for my kids and my nephews. I love the Pixar encyclopedia, a great gift idea!
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