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I have decided to start a weight maintenance program. I wish I could say a weight loss program, but my concern is more about being healthy and not gaining weight at this time.  I love food and obviously do not want to starve myself. I want great taste and healthy options. I also want portions that are realistic. I know I need to increase my exercise level but I also need proper portion sizes. As well as breakfast and meals throughout the day that are fulfilling.   Lucky for me, Weight Watchers Smart Ones has a handy Facebook page to help inform us of their program. Eat Your Best Canada is the page for weight Watchers Smart Ones

We think that in order to live your best, it’s important to eat your best (hence, the name of our website and our Facebook page). So we created products that allow you to enjoy the foods you love in the right sized portions. From morning to evening, we’ll help you eat your best, every day. You’ll feel satisfied, energized and motivated to eat right all day long, with breakfasts to jump-start your day, ready-to-go snacks and satisfying entrées. Smart eating starts here.

I am looking for meals that have variety and can help control portions as part of a balanced diet. I checked out their website and found a link to a $3 off coupon. So that there is great incentive to start.
When it comes to meals and eating right, my problem has always been breakfast  I know it is the most important meal of the day. However I can never seem to fit it in. But with options like;
  • Breakfast Quesadilla
  • English Muffin sandwich
  • French Toast with turkey Sausage
  • Pancakes with Turkey Sausage

It is going to be a breeze eating breakfast again. I also like the fact I can find these meals right in my local grocery store. No need for an appointment. Add the gourmet meals and the desserts from Smart Ones and there is no reason not to eat yummy meals. Plus the Facebook community has the support and information someone like me needs to be accountable.  If you do not already “Like” Eat Your Best on Facebook, head over and do so now. That way you are kept up to date on all of their latest meals, info and promos.

Maybe this new year there will be a new me. a happier, healthier me. I plan on walking more, joining a gym and watching what I eat. I have not set goal yet, but eating meals three times a day with proper portions is definitely a start. As well I have cut down on sugar including pop.


Here is to a new year and a new me 🙂



  1. this is great, something to really get me thinking… Quick and simple.. I really need to do the same.. My breakfast is usually at lunch time.. I am always worrying about feeding my daughter and not myself…

  2. I really need some help with eating too… I do eat healthy but I think my portions are way too big and I always skip breakfast so those breakfast options might help me out too. I see they have a $1.00 off coupon on their FB page too! Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Oh boy pop is the hardest to give up! Good luck and I hope you see the results you are looking for.
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  4. You just clicked something for me, thanks hun!! I eat fairly healthy throughout the day, except I always miss breakfast. I always find it too boring, and can get myself busy enough to completely forget bothering with it. If I start using these Smart Ones breakfast meals for something quick and tasty, I could possibly manage my weight better too! Thanks for the tip! 🙂
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  5. I've used Weight Watchers in the past. The food is decent and the program is fairly simple to follow if you decide to go full out with it. I wish you good luck in your healthy lifestyle! I'm trying to do the same and get rid of some leftover baby weight. It's hard, but worth it!
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  6. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I have so much to lose that it is terribly daunting. Going to check this out.

  7. I think eating healthier, in proper portions, and getting moving helps so much. I think few of us realize how inactive we really are. Just walking around more really helps. Starving yourself is never good, you will be prone to fail. For 1 you aren't going to stick with it, and for 2 if you are starving your body is going to hold on to every morsel it gets and yup store it as fat!

    I have always been a big fan of weight watchers. They teach people how to eat regular food and in the right amounts. It's ok to not eat the healthiest options, if you eat them in the right proportions, and you feel rewarded for eating the healthy options.

    I love that they are sharing the tips on their Facebook page! Good luck with your journey!
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  8. I'm off to check out that Facebook Page right now! Good luck on your journey!
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