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Looking under my tree I am seeing lots and lots of gifts for my family. Presents for my children, our neighbours, my parents and my spouse. All these gifts I have had a hand in buying or choosing. Gifts that have my name as “From” but nothing that says “to”. At lest not yet. I can not help  but wonder if I am alone on this. Do moms always get the least amount of gifts at Christmas compared to the rest of their family? I know the holiday is more than presents, but I can not help but wish for something. After the busy month I have had  with work and moving I would love a spa getaway. Canada has many wonderful spas located cross this country of ours. I have been looking at them online for years. Spa québec is one I recently came across and offers a huge variety of specialty treatments such as beauty treatments, massages and more. They also offer gift cards.

I know many people do not like gift cards as they feel they are  not a personal gift. However, I do like them. Gift cards are the no fail gift to get for the person that may have everything. Or for the pickier person on your list. Especially if it means me getting spa message. This would be a great way to start off a new year.  Rested, relaxed and feeling good. Visiting  a spa has always been on my list of things to do. But as a busy mom it is always put on the back burner.  I do know my husband will get me a thoughtful gift this year. Something wonderful for sure, he always does. I also get gifts from some family members and a few of my clients. My dream of visiting spa will one day be a reality. For now it will  be a dream and I am okay with that.

I am blessed to have my family and have them all  home with me for Christmas. Our oldest will be around and she is bringing her boy friend. I am also hosting two Christmas dinners. So I will be busy cooking a ham and a turkey.

I do think if it is something you can swing, a spa gift would make a great gift for the moms in your life.


  1. SIGN ME UP! I'd love a spa day! I'm lucky! I love holiday shopping so I don't mind there being minimal under the tree. My treat is Hubby cooks the dinner! Relaxing and not stressing about cooking (which i'm a spaz at!) is the best gift of all!!
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  2. I have never had a spa day but always wanted to try something like this, like you it's a dream of mine as well. I also love giving gift cards, especially for people hard to buy for. It's really the easiest way to shop, because everyone has at least one favorite store LOL and for picky teens at Christmas it's a life saver!
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  3. I love the spa and try to go as much as I can. This definitely makes a great gift and trumps anything material for me. It's the feeling you get after leaving the spa that is magical.
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  4. me me me!!! I could use a spa day!!! I've only ever had one pedicure and it was because I was very pregnant! I need a massage I think!
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  5. this sounds relaxing lovely treat for moms
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  6. Amen! A spa day would be my ultimate gift. Oh to have some quiet time for myself. A massage, a facial, a pedicure. I will be dreaming of this all night!

    Merry Christmas!


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