Holidays, Gift Giving and Over Spending

We all approach the holiday season with the best intentions of giving to those we love and those less fortunate.Often we forget that we may be in need more this season ourselves. Sometimes are hearts are bigger than our wallets.  I remember when my oldest was still home and young I use to break myself to get her everything she had on her list. This was not good for my budget and it was not good for her. There is nothing wrong with kids not getting everything they want. It took me a few years to realize this though.

After our other children were born I was wiser. I say “I” because I do most of the shopping and the majority  of the budgeting in the house.  I started watching for deals and savings in early July. Picked up a few items here and there as I could without feeling the financial strain. By the time December came along all or most of my Christmas shopping was done and I was able to focus on decorating and cooking.  I found this to be a less stressful way of doing things. The best thing of all was no bills and no over spending. Everything I had, I paid for in full as I could. So no blues in January when my  bills arrived. I felt like I had Totally Money management doing my shopping early.

I find many people get a credit card and are just happy to have one. They do not realize they may be spending more on fees than needed.  This is always a good time of year to check and see if you are getting the best rates available to you and your situation.  Doing this is easy. You can be comparing credit cards online at Totally Money Credit cards are not the only places you should be checking for the best rates. You can do this with your household utilities and and cell phone bills as well.


I am now wiser and with four children have learnt what is really important about the holidays. Family, love and support. So presents are nice but I am not stressing about it. I am more concerned about another extended family dinner 🙂


Do you stress over the holidays? What do you do to stay in your gift giving budget?

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