One healthy choice leads to another with the Healthy Choice Pledge

I am pledging to be healthy. I am doing so by drinking more water, cutting out pop and eating breakfast. I know these are little things, but they do make a difference. Have you made the Healthy Choice pledge?

For many Canadians, the idea of embarking on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle can seem quite daunting. But this journey doesn’t need to happen overnight, nor does it have to be overwhelming. If you focus on making small, sustainable healthy choices on a regular basis, you’ll quickly see how they start to add up and create a much larger impact.  By setting smaller, achievable goals the lifestyle changes that once seemed overwhelming will be much more attainable.

To help kick-start this journey towards a more healthy and balanced lifestyle, Healthy Choice Canada is motivating Canadians to take The Healthy Choice Pledge. It’s as easy as going online to and signing up through the online application.  The app suggests a simple, healthy choice every day that participants can complete to stay committed to their Pledge. Some examples of small, sustainable healthy choices include:

  •  Scheduling a regular date night with your partner or a good friend.
  •  Making an appointment in your calendar to leave work on time one night a week and spend that extra quality time with your family or old friends.
  • Swap out one pop or juice a day with water.

To inspire fans to participate and prove that one healthy choice leads to another, Healthy Choice Canada is giving away $75,000 to three national charities. Each pledge can be dedicated to one of the following charities:  Breakfast Clubs of Canada, Kids Help Phone and The Heart and Stroke Foundation

By participating in the daily Healthy Choices they post you will be entered to win the weekly prize. Good luck!

The Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers are a great light lunch that I find help keep me on track with my healthy choices during the day. What will you pledge to do?


  1. One healthy choice leads to another. Very well said.

  2. You just need to make the first one

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