Santa was good to Me


Every year I swear Christmas is better than the year before. Gifts are more thoughtful. Family is more cherished and the weather, well it never fails to snow Christmas eve. This Christmas was a bit different for me. It is the first year without our oldest living with us. Whenever I thought about it, I would get emotional and hubs would tell me everything is going  to be okay. And it was. She was here and our day was perfect.

Christmas eve our oldest came for a visit with her boyfriend. My parents also came. We watched festive movies and ate lots of yummy finger foods and desserts. We also exchanged gifts.  So many gifts. I received a bunch of thoughtful gifts from my parents and our daughter. I joked that she is suppose to be a starving student and should not be spending money on presents. Her giving nature makes this hard for her. Plus she loves to see her siblings happy. She bought her dad and I a bread maker, slippers and chocolates. This was sweet and now I am looking forward to making all the yummy breads and having the smell  fill the house. Our daughter and her boyfriend opened some gifts from us and my parents as well. She got some fab black leggings that she had her eye on for a bit. When we had recently been shopping she was looking at them so I picked her some up. We also gave  her a bunch of stuff she needed for her apartment. Many of them were for her and her boyfriend together. Things like a slow cooker, carpet cleaner and cookware were combined gifts.  Along with a few more personal things.

My parents gave our daughter a cute blouse that luckily matched our gift. Since she needed some dressier clothes for school. My parents gave my other children some really thoughtful gifts as well. It is nice being able to just hang out and spend quality time together. A few glasses of wine and Elf  on the television all added to the magic of the season. Our four year old was so excited she stayed up a bit too late. But nicely slept in the next morning.


Christmas morning was just hubs, the kids and me. We had a fab breakfast and opened more gifts. I got PJs, a laptop case  and a really cute striped tunique. More than I ever expected or anticipated. As I get older I cherish what is important and that does not come in a box wrapped all pretty under the tree. Santa was good to me because I had my family here. They were  happy and that makes me happy. Everything else is just a big shiny bonus.

Now to prepare for New Years eve.


  1. Happy Holidays to you and your family, sounds like you are blessed all year round!

  2. Aww what a sweet post! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by the things that matter most. Here's to a remarkable 2013 for us all!

  3. Awesome holidays. I like it when Santa spoils. Happy new year!
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  4. nicolthepickle says

    Aww, what a nice post. I'm glad you had a lovely time. And breadmakers are so fun.

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