Snow for Christmas

The best gift we got this year was a white Christmas.

To me it just does not feel quite like Christmas unless we have snow. I am not a fan of snow.I hate the cold and it is not pretty when it melts. plus people seem to forget how to drive when it snows. But I still like it for Christmas. On Christmas eve our daughter and her boyfriend came over for the evening. My parents also came over. we had finger foods and watched Christmas classics. It was a beautiful evening. Just as our company was getting ready to call it a night, the snow began. I remember as I put on my warn brown pullover thinking it was a truly magical night.  when we lived on the West coast we would drive for hours on Christmas to get to snow so it felt like “home” to us.

Our guests headed out and each called to tell us they arrived home alright. Hubs and I had a glass of wine and finished up our yearly rituals. we got everything ready for the next day and headed to bed. The next morning we all actually slept in. I was surprised.  Our older boys woke up our four year old and she was full of excitement. A mixture of the tree being full of presents and the yard being full of snow helped create this feeling. I was very happy when she turned to  me and said “I knew he was real!” referring to Santa Claus.

Our day was spent at home.Opening gifts, hanging out and eating yummy goodies. I spent the day snuggled up in my new cardigan I got from the kids. the day lasted longer than most. It was wonderful and magical. It ended with a snowman on the lawn. I am always sad when it is all over. The hustle and bustle leading up is just over. It seems we take so long to plan and make sure everything is perfect.Just to have it over in the blink of an eye.

Now that Christmas has passed, I am ready for the  snow to disappear as well. I doubt that will happen for a few months now. I actually just went out and bought the kids new boots yesterday 🙂



Do you like the snow?


  1. I felt the same way, so happy we had snow for Christmas holidays to play in.. but now I'm ready for it to be gone.

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