The Healthy Shopper Picks for Fall/Winter 2012

This is the second season that Randy Boyer and Andrea Donsky have selected products to encourage Canadians to make healthier choices. You can see what they said about their spring choices in this interview.

For fall/winter, they have chosen products from the salad dressings and sauces category because these products often contain high amounts of sodium and preservatives. They have highlighted the only 100% organic feminine hygiene brand because they really want women know about this safe, organic alternative for their bodies. And, their last choice is a selection of natural cleaning products because as we know, the majority of cleaning products available in supermarkets often contain high levels of toxins that are just plain bad for the environment and our health.

As the ladies say, “healthy products are no longer hard to find, we just have to read the labels.

About The Healthy Shopper

The Healthy Shopper is the first and only free coupon book in Canada for natural and organic products. In 1999, The Healthy Shopper was created by Randy Boyer and Andrea Donsky to encourage more Canadians to pursue and maintain a naturally healthy lifestyle while helping them save  money. Natural and organic products can be more expensive, but The Healthy Shopper coupon book enables consumers to buy high-quality natural and organic products at more affordable prices, thereby providing a wide range of healthy alternatives.

Over the years, thousands of consumers have sent them e-mails, letters and faxes telling them just how much they love and appreciate The Healthy Shopper™ coupon book. By far, the number-one thing they hear from consumers is that they really appreciate that the coupon book has introduced them to new products and made it affordable to try new products that they would never have otherwise purchased. is an extension of the coupon book. With e-coupons, product information, product reviews, tips and advice on how to live a more natural lifestyle, has become a trusted source for information regarding natural and organic products and great savings.

I recently had the opportunity to try these amazing products out for myself. I must admit I had not herd of any of them before having them sent to me. The dressings are light and natural tasting. I have been trying the different ones and really enjoy them on a mixed green salad. The varieties are great and I have lots of choice.  The Simply Natural Organic Salad Dressings with their new clear label design can be found at most major Canadian retailers for $3.99.

The other products I checked out all worked as well as the major brands I have used in the past. It is really great to know that being natural I am not adding harmful chemicals into the environment or into my families body by using  them. Whenever possible we have bought organic and natural products in the past. But honestly, I have found them to be quite costly. Seeing the prices of these items has me rethinking things as I was surprised how inexpensive shopping natural can be even without using the coupon book.

San-J’s certified Gluten-Free Teriyaki sauce is versatile with a mildly sweet flavour. The Gluten-Free Orange sauce provides a delectable orange flavor for Asian style Orange Chicken, is great  as a stir-fry sauce and strikes a perfect balance with San-J Gluten Free Tamari Soy Sauce. San-J’s Certified Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce is made with 100% soybeans and no wheat, is low in fat and has a rich flavour to enhance any type of cuisine. San-J’s Tamari Peanut Asian dressing adds a tender Thai touch to salads. This certified gluten-free dressing is a combination of wheat-free tamari, peanut and spices and makes a light, savory salad using mixed greens, carrots, apple cubes and sunflower seeds. San-J is a brewer of Premium Tamari Soy Sauce, naturally brewed with 100% soy and no wheat, using traditional brewing methods that have been passed down for over 200 years. All of San-J’s gluten-free products are certified gluten-free, kosher, and made with all natural ingredients and serve up a rich, authentic Asian taste. Pricing for Orange and Teriyaki cooking sauces is $4.69-4.89, Gluten-Free Tamari Peanut is $ 3.89-3.99, and the Tamari Gluten-Free Soy Sauce is $3.39-3.59 and products can be found at major grocery and health retailers.

We eat a lot of stir-fries in our home, or at least I do. they are quick and easy and personally I find them a great way for me to eat my veggies. The only issue I ever had was the salt in the Soy sauce. Eating them with the San-J Tamari Soy sauce I felt a lot better knowing I was not doing harm to my body. The taste was great! Full of flavour and texture.

This review of the Healthy Shopper Fall/Winter picks  has shown me that you do not need to compromise taste or quality to eat natural and organic. You still get great clean and personal hygiene from natural products and  ethical and environmental produced items are not only good for you but good for the environment and the word around you. Plus they do not test on animals. I invite you to read more and check it out for yourself.  You can order your free coupon book (just pay shipping and handling via paypal or  credit card) today.

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