The Pajama Elves-Urgent Delivery children's book

pajama elves


A Christmas tradition that can be shared with family members near and far. Elves at the North Pole create magical pajamas for good boys and girls and deliver them Christmas Eve. The elf magic stitched into the pajamas guarantees the children will sleep soundly and Santa will visit without them seeing. (Added bonus: new pajamas equal picture-perfect kids on Christmas morning!) The story is a charming poem with full-color illustrations. The Pajama Elves is a Christmas Eve tradition that even long-distance relatives or parents who are not with their children full-time can participate in

Our family loves books and I was very excited to have the opportunity to review  The Pajama Elves this Christmas. Our daughter is four this year and very aware of the magic of the season. We will be reading this book tonight before bed and looking through the pages full of brightly coloured pictures.

If you would like to order your own (maybe for next  year) You can on A cool fact, the author published this book through Createspace, Amazon’s self-publishing platform.

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