Buying "off season"

Every year we (hubs and I) think to ourselves  we should get a snow blower. we usually think about this when we have more snow than either of us want to shovel  and can not bring ourselves to put the kids to work to do it. By that time everyone who has one for sale has them so outrageously priced it is just not a possibility. But if we wait until the summer to buy one people are almost giving them away. Nobody wants to store them and they usually want the cash for more summer related items like lawnmowers and boats. It is the same thing when we think about buying a ride-on lawn mower. We will have so much grass and the push one is no longer fun. We look online and prices are up or go into the store and they are sold out.

I wonder if the same thing goes with buying cars?

Like if you wanted to find used cars for sale in Winnipeg where they get lots of snow would it be better to buy a convertible car or Jeep in the winter? Or say it was summertime, you are thinking sporty and fun,not so much full sized and practical. I guess it is different when it comes to cars. They are bigger purchases and bought out of need for long term, not season. That is unless you are buying for fun or a midlife crisis 🙂

You know those men and sometimes women who buy the  sports cars that seat two when they have a family of six. Trying to relive their youth. But that is a different story. Personally I would love a convertible Chevrolet Camaro SS sitting in my driveway. Living near the beach I could get a lot of use out of it. Or at least that is how I would justify  it 🙂

Our dreams of a snow blower are going to wait until the season is over. If we are lucky we will get a new one  on clearance at one of the big box stores. What I should be doing is looking for a ride-on lawnmower now.  I know come mid July I will  be wishing I had. On the upside, shoveling and pushing the lawnmower will give me the exercise I need.


There are many purchases that would be wiser to make off season. Items like trailers, boats, snowmobiles and more would be  huge savings to buy end of season. What do you buy off season?


  1. Just bought my sons winter coat for next year. Regular $80.00, got it for less than $25.00. Off season is the way to go!
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  2. binabugged says

    I buy all year round for everything LOL, like for Christmas, I buy when I see something that I know someone wil like, or when Zellers cleared everything out, we bought up all their gift baskets ($3 for 4-5 items) and we'll be using them for Bdays as well as Christmas. When my kids were tiny I'd buy up swimsuits like crazy (they seemed to need 5 of them as that's all they seemed to live in during the summer months)

  3. Yeah snow blower makes your work easier ever. I like your post and suggest that you should buy snow blower for your house. Thanks

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