Finally a visit from the Fairy Hobmother

Yes you read that right. the Fairy Hobmother. If you have not yet been told of the Fairy Hobmother you are in for a treat. I have been hoping for a visit from this little fairy for a long time.


Recently I got a much welcomed visit from the Fairy Hobmother.  After having a busy holiday and having my washer and dishwasher crash in the same week I needed a magical pick me up. The only appliance I have that has not died since moving to our new house is our great dryer. It gets my laundry dry so quick I do not mind doing the wash at the laundry mat. (for a bit) But lack of appliances has gotten me down this month, I must admit. Here is the note that brightened my day.

I’m the Fairy Hobmother, spreading light and joy across the blogosphere. I’ve been meaning to get in touch for a while, and I’ve finally managed to get the time to check out your site!

So what does the Fairy Hobmother do that is so magical and exciting?

He flies throughout the blogosphere looking for bloggers to gift and spread joy.

How do you get contacted?

if any other bloggers comment on the post I may well be getting in touch with them too!

To get on his radar, leave a comment below and be sure to include your blog URL to get contacted. Hopefully some of you will have a magical experience as well. It is nice to spread the joy and sprinkle a little fairy dust on my fellow bloggers.

Has somebody brightened your day lately?


  1. Oh, that is too cool! A little bit of joy sprinkled randomly is always a nice thing! 🙂
    My recent post Pot Roast Sundays @CanadianBeef #LoveCDNBeef

  2. So exciting!!! Congrats! Seems that he's been traveling around the blogosphere a lot lately! He can visit me at any time! 🙂
    My recent post Kate Spade Handbag Giveaway – Ends 2/1

  3. I saw a bunch of Fairy Hobmother posts last year, but never got a visit. Maybe I'll get luck this year!
    My recent post Quick Kitchen Tip – Cleaning A Glass Top Stove

  4. soberjulie says

    Well it sure would be nice to have a surprise like this, it has been a difficult month here :). In case the HobMother wants to find me, I'm at So happy for you!!
    My recent post Top Attractions at Animal Kingdom

  5. What a wonderful and much needed surprise you got! Love it!! Maybe the Fairy HobMother will take a little flight over to me…hehe.

    Awesome to hear Kim!!! You deserve it 🙂
    My recent post Ten Thousand Pennies #GIVEAWAY!!

  6. You know I could use some joy!! 😛 Yay that you got me a pick me up.

    OMG how are you surviving with no washer with your family? When we a small washer and dryer I was so down b/c I had constant laundry, I couldn't keep up. Now mine are huge and it really really helps! Laundry doesn't bug me any more.

    I am at
    My recent post Sunday Snapshot – Fuzzy Face

  7. What a great idea! Who doesn't like a little surprise from time to time. I love the photo 🙂 I can be found at
    My recent post The Odd Life of Timothy Green Review

  8. That is awesome!! I love this and what a great surprise too!! I would love love love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother. If she feels like stopping by my site is
    My recent post Coffee Mate Saves My Breakfast Crisis #UltimateCup

  9. I'd love some new books from Amazon!

  10. jenniferhay says

    ooh fun!! I'd love to be contacted by the fairy hobmother!

  11. I received a visit this weekend too! It was such a nice email and he's a super little guy for doing this, huh? I've seen more than a few bloggers leaving comments on my post as well!! Good luck you guys! Say HI from me if he pops over to you too!
    My recent post The Fairy Hobmother I Do Believe, I Do Believe, I Do!

  12. The Fairy Hobmother is making his rounds again. I would love him to come visit my blog and spread some of that fairy dust around. It would be awesome.
    Good for you Kim, you got a visit finally. Good luck to everyone.
    Fairy Hobmother you can visit me here
    My recent post Woolzies Dryer Balls Giveaway~Worldwide~Ends Jan. 20/13

  13. Hee! Its so cool seeing the Fairy Hobmother pop up on various blogs that I read. 😀 No one deserved a little help from the Hobmother than you hun!
    My recent post Jeanne Beker’s EDIT 2013 Spring Collection for Addition Elle

  14. This is really neat! And such a SWEET fairy! I'd love to smile from an awesome visit!

  15. Sounds like fun~Would love a visit on mt Blog!

  16. Oh that is awesome! I wish the Fair Hobmother would visit me some time!
    My recent post Sending Flowers with

  17. How fun!
    Onescrappymom@gmail .com
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  18. So happy for you Kim! That is fantastic 🙂 This is my first time hearing about the Fairy Hobmother…what a great idea! Wish I had the ability (and means) to be a Fairy Hobmother too 🙂 I would love to be able to make people happy like this. Come visit me sometime, Fairy Hobmother… can find me at Here is my version of "paying it forward" – something I think the Fairy Hobmother might like

  19. I wonder if the Fairy Hobmother visits Daddy Blogs too!
    My recent post Win a Month’s Worth of Coffee K-Cups from Mixkups (Ends 1/27)

  20. Sounds like fun!
    Daisy @

  21. I always love finding a Fairy Hobmother post to comment on:) Congrats on your visit, Kim.
    My recent post Kicking off the new year with Kinder Canada #KinderMom

  22. I rent, but a more modern fridge would be nice! Or a deep freezer so I can finally stock up on food! Love the fairy. So cute!
    My recent post Did you remember the batteries? #ihartholidays!

  23. I'd love me a little fairy dust from the Fairy Hobmother! (Pretty please cherry on top!)
    My recent post We had fun at Disney on Ice!!

  24. How fantastic for you. These kinds of visits really are the best!

    My recent post Greener Pastures

  25. Koala Bear Writer says

    Wow, congrats on the visit! That's awesome. 🙂 I'd love a visit too… over at 🙂 (Glad you have an awesome dryer. I love my laundry machines too.)
    My recent post Social Media and Online Privacy

  26. fun what a nice visit hope fairy hobmother visits us too 🙂
    My recent post Winter Waves: Scarf and Skiing adventure at the Horseshoe Resort

  27. I would love to be contacted

  28. Very fun. I have heard of the Fairy Hobmother but had not seen him around for a while. How fun! Congrats to you on the visit.
    My recent post Cascade Complete Pacs: Just What I Need in 2013 #CascadeComplete

  29. How fun! I would love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother!

  30. I would love a visit on my site!!
    My recent post The Odd Couple

  31. such fun! so glad it brightened your day! I could definitely use a little something to brighten my day up, things have been so rough here lately.

  32. What a nice thing to do! I have heard of the great Fairy Hobmother through other bloggers. I would love a visit myself!
    My recent post Join Us at the Blick Art Materials Twitter Party January 16th

  33. So glad the Fairy Hobmother made a stop at your blog at just the right time. You truly deserve it! 🙂

    Take care my friend.
    My recent post Review and Giveaway

  34. How lucky for you!!! I have heard rumblings of this fairy last year…. he chose a great spot to visit!
    My recent post Hubbys Fabulous Dinner Rolls

  35. So fun! I'd love a visit too 🙂

  36. Way to go! Sounds like a wonderful Fairy Hobmother treat! Stop by and visit me anytime!
    My recent post Del Monte “Add Some Garden” Giveaway

  37. I am a believer! I SWEAR I wasn't the one the was leaving money under my Boys' pillows for their teeth. They think I'm bull, but ummm..not sure who it was?! Wish he would visit me so I can prove them Fairies are real!

  38. Oh, the Fairy Hobmother sounds fun. I wish he would pay me a visit. I could use a little magic today.
    My recent post New Year’s Giveaway

  39. How fun! I'd love a visit over at Thanks for sharing and spreading the cheer! 🙂

  40. How awesome!!

    Hope your appliances stop breaking on you!!

    Here is my blog:
    My recent post Spicy-Garlic Chicken, Paleo Recipe

  41. Aw, how sweet! My girl would be over the moon to know that a real fairy had visited Mama's site!
    My recent post Milk Unleashed – Blog App #review #g!veaway

  42. I've heard great things about this fairy!
    My recent post Sunday Stroll:Weekly Giveaway Linky January 13

  43. That is so cool and I love the character – costume and all! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  44. I have heard about the Fairy Hobmother before. I think it's such a fun idea! I'm so glad that the Fairy Hobmother paid you a visit. 🙂
    My recent post RealBeanz Review & Giveaway (ends 2/25/13)

  45. amomhavingfun says

    That is great that so many people have received visits from the Fairy Hobmother! Congratulations! Hopefully I will be getting a visit someday too. 🙂

  46. That's fantastic Kim, if he can pay my bills and fix my van or buy food for my kids then yes send his magic my way LOL
    My recent post Kinder Surprise: Barbie and Hot Wheels Toy Collection

  47. AMotherhoodblog says

    What a great idea! Random acts of kindness are so rare, this is nice to see! Thanks Fairy Hobmother!

  48. I am so happy for you Kim! Sometimes, it's just nice to catch a break once in while. I would love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother. Fairy Hobmother…I am inviting you to visit me for tea here:

  49. This is so great! I love spreading and sharing joy in anyway I can too! A simple action can mean so much and it would be awesome to receive some fairy joy!

  50. I am so sorry to hear about your appliances, but congrats on your visit from the Fairy Hobmother! I hope you're able to replace your washer because going to the laundromat with all your dirty laundry and then lugging it back home is no fun!

    I would love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother, it would be so fun, unexpected, and much needed!
    My recent post Photo Contest Now Open For Public Voting-Ends 1/7

  51. How cool! Sorry to hear of your appliance woes! What bad timing!

    I am very intrigued by the Fairy Hobmother. What else does he do?

  52. I heard of the Fairy Hobmother some time ago but nothing lately. I've never had a visit and wasn't sure if he was still around.

  53. Oh what a magical surprise Kim! I'd love a magical surprise! Tammy @inRdream
    My recent post Massive #Recall from #FisherPrice

  54. titus2homemaker says

    What a great surprise! (And what a creative way of contacting people!)
    My recent post My Task Cards

  55. SO sorry about your appliance troubles, but I'm glad to hear the Fairy Hobmother popped by to brighten your day 🙂
    My recent post Pixar's The Blue Umbrella – Sneak Peek

  56. I'd love to be on his radar! Thanks FH!

  57. Congrats on your fun visitor! He can fly over to my island anytime! 😉
    My recent post On-the-Go with Cool Gear {Review}

  58. I love when things happen just when you need a pick me up. Congrats! 🙂

  59. Very creative! I could use a visit from the Fairy Hobmother too!

  60. Love the fairy hobmother who spreads joy – congrats on your visit.

  61. Sorry to hear about your washer and dishwasher! I would love to have a visit from the fairy!
    My recent post Laugh With LEGO: YouTube Channel Playlist

  62. How fun. Clicking my heels and clapping my hands…I do believe in fairies!

  63. How exciting! I have been putting blogdust under my pillow and hoping! Congrats!

  64. congrats on your visit from the Fairy Hobmother!
    My recent post Birthday Season.

  65. I sure would love a visit from the fairy hobmother!

  66. congrats!!!! what a great start to the new year
    oh how I would love a visit…
    fairy hobmother, please stop over for a visit at

  67. I was doing this last year.. I would love a visit. So much fun. Hobmother can hop on by anytime.

    Kevin 🙂
    My recent post Sweepstakes ~ Win A #Swiss Diamond Non Stick Griddle ~ USA only

  68. littlebirdreads says

    Ooooo how exciting! Gotta love a little fairy dust love!
    My recent post Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

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