Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer Snack Time for Baby Boots Playset

Snack Time for Baby Boots Dora


It’s time for Baby Boots to eat! This great set features Boots as a baby and includes Dora to help feed him.  Everything you need to feed him a snack in his high chair! Includes a Dora, Boots, high chair and storybook.

This adorable set from Fisher Price is perfect for any Dora the Explorer fan in your life. Snack time for Baby Boots is available at Toys R Us across Canada for $19.99. This cute set is plastic and very brightly coloured. My daughter got one under the tree this year and loves it. She is four and has been a Dora the Explorer fan forever. This toy is recommended for children ages 2-5.

Toys R Us has a big variety of Dora toys so your little one can play and make believe. The size of this set makes it great for the car and travelling.

Giveaway time

I  have a Dora the Explorer Snack time for Baby Boots Playset for one for my Canadian readers.


Leave a blog post comment below telling me who your child’s favourite character is from Dora the Explorer.

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Ends Jan 20th at 11:59pm Canada only

Good luck!


  1. both my boys love boots

  2. Miss R loves Boots.

  3. Viv Nguyen says

    Tiny loves all the characters but Dora obviously is a tidbit more special to her. 🙂

  4. diago is the man here

  5. Colleen Worboys says


  6. What a cute set! My boys still love Dora and they are 4 and 6! DD1 would love this as she is obsessed with the show!

  7. Boots is our favourite character!

  8. Brianne Hager says

    Dora is my children's favorite.

  9. Brianne Hager says
  10. Dora is the favourite

  11. Dora & boots are her favorite

  12. Jenny Stewart says
  13. Jenny Stewart says

    Honestly they love them all! My DD loves Dora the most and my DS probably leans more towards Boots

  14. we all love dora the most

  15. Dora is our favourite

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

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  17. deanna_boocock says

    My daughter loves Diego the best. deanna_boocock (at), follow by email and gfc

  18. my kids laugh at Swiper…he is very entertaining 🙂

  19. Nena Sinclair says

    My grandson loves Swiper the Fox! 🙂

  20. Nena Sinclair says

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  21. My daughter loves Dora

  22. That's a good question! They love Swiper, Boots and Benny as all of them make them laugh!

  23. My kids favourite character is Boots.

  24. Karin Dollery says

    My granddaughters favorites are Dora and Boots

  25. Karin Dollery says

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  26. binabugged says

    Emily loves Dora

  27. binabugged says
  28. <a href="″ target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>

  29. My daughter loves Boots!

  30. Dora!!

  31. My two year old daughter loves Dora

  32. daily tweet

  33. Dora and Boots are both favorites of my little sweetie.

  34. My son loves boots!

  35. lisa bolduc says

    my niece really loves boots

  36. cathy henatyszen says

    Dora and Boots of course!!

  37. cathy henatyszen says
  38. SweetPanda says
  39. Anu Chopra says

    My son loves Boots!

  40. Jenny Stewart says
  41. shared on fb today

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  42. Diago is our favourite!

  43. Karin Dollery says
  44. My son loves Boots.

  45. My Girls Love Dora

  46. Dora is my grandchildren's favorite character.

  47. My daughters favorite character would be Dora herself… but "backpack" is pretty popular too.

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  49. Lindsay Cyr says

    My daughter's favorite character is Dora! (or Dory as she calls her) 🙂

  50. Lindsay C. says
  51. My daughter likes Swiper.

  52. Elva Roberts says

    January 5-I think my granddaughter's fav character is Dora herself.

  53. Elva Roberts says

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  54. For some reason my son calls his little brother Map and his dad Swiper.
    My recent post Food Bank Challenge #6

  55. Adriana F. says

    My oldest daughter loves Dora and my younger one loves Diego

  56. Adriana F. says
  57. Lindsay C. says
  58. I know a little darling girl who would love this prize. She loves Dora .Thank you for the chance.

  59. shared on fb

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  60. My daughters fav is boots and dora 🙂

  61. Adriana F. says
  62. Florence C says


  63. Karin Dollery says
  64. Angela mitchell says

    My daughter loves Boots.

  65. Angela mitchell says
  66. Jenny Stewart says
  67. daily tweet

  68. Adriana F. says
  69. Lindsay C. says
  70. SweetPanda says
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  72. Elva Roberts says

    January 7-I shared this giveaway on Facebook and the link is: s://

  73. My daughter loves Dora herself

  74. I have tweeted this giveaway.

  75. lizlampman says
  76. Brianne Hager says
  77. Lindsay C. says
  78. Adriana F. says
  79. daily tweet

  80. SweetPanda says
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  82. Elva Roberts says

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  83. Karin Dollery says
  84. My son likes Swiper, too. Loves saying "Swiper, no swiping!"

  85. My 2 year LOVES Boots.

  86. boots!

  87. Anu Chopra says
  88. Lindsay C. says
  89. daily tweet

  90. SweetPanda says
  91. Deb Dorrington says

    My Madisson loves Dora the best because my sister/her aunt's name is Dora and they are super close.

  92. Deb Dorrington says
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  94. Adriana F. says
  95. Elva Roberts says

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  96. We like Swiper and when Diego makes a guest appearance.

  97. My kids (and my) fav is Boots!

  98. Adriana F. says
  99. swiper

  100. SweetPanda says
  101. Anu Chopra says

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  103. Lindsay Cyr says
  104. Elva Roberts says

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  105. We always yell at the tv swiper no swiping lol

  106. Louise Gilbert says

    swiper the fox is my sons favorite

  107. Louise Gilbert says

    I shared on facebook-fb name louise gilbert

  108. Deb Dorrington says
  109. Adriana F. says
  110. Anu Chopra says
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  112. Elva Roberts says

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  114. SweetPanda says
  115. Isa has always been a favourite.

  116. Brianne Hager says
  117. Karin Dollery says
  118. Lindsay C. says
  119. Dora for sure.

  120. Anu Chopra says
  121. Christy Martin says

    The favorite is Dora, all the way!

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  123. Lindsay Cyr says
  124. Dora is the most liked! 🙂

  125. Deb Dorrington says
  126. Adriana F. says
  127. Elva Roberts says

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  128. Katharine W says

    My daughter loves Dora!

  129. Katharine W says
  130. Katharine W says
  131. Karin Dollery says
  132. Christy Martin says

    Dora, Dora & Dora. Can't get enough of her! 🙂

  133. Lindsay Cyr says
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  135. Anu Chopra says
  136. dora

  137. Evey loves boots the most – & she hates swiper!

  138. Adriana F. says
  139. Mine says Dora!

  140. Christy Martin says
  141. Adriana F. says
  142. wisteriagirl says

    We are all a huge fan of the lovely Dora in my family…such a great role model.

  143. My little niece loves Dora the best.

  144. SweetPanda says

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  146. Lindsay Cyr says
  147. Deb Dorrington says
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  149. Christy Martin says
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  152. Lindsay Cyr says
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  154. SweetPanda says
  155. Adriana F. says
  156. My grandsons like Boots.

  157. Deb Dorrington says
  158. Christy Martin says
  159. We love dora

  160. Anu Chopra says
  161. Adriana F. says
  162. daily tweet

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  164. Lindsay Cyr says
  165. my little girl loves dora, boots, and isa! thanks very much! 🙂

  166. Katharine W says
  167. Dora is the fave

  168. Elva Roberts says

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  169. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says
  170. Deb Dorrington says
  171. Lindsay Cyr says
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  174. Anu Chopra says

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  176. Adriana F. says
  177. Katharine W says
  178. Cheryl Morreale says
  179. Anu Chopra says

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  181. Christy Martin says
  182. SweetPanda says
  183. Adriana F. says
  184. Lindsay Cyr says
  185. Elva Roberts says

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  186. My little niece loves Dora!

  187. nugglemama says

    My Daughter loves Boots!

  188. nugglemama says
  189. Christy Martin says
  190. Brianne Hager says

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  192. Anu Chopra says
  193. Lindsay Cyr says
  194. wisteriagirl says

    Our entire family adores Dora! She is a wonderful role model for the little ones 🙂

  195. wisteriagirl says
  196. Cheryl Morreale says
  197. Cheryl Morreale says

    DT for January 20th (site was down & I couldn't enter it):

  198. Elva Roberts says

    January 19-I shared this giveaway on Facebook.-User name: Elva Roberts
    Link: Roberts

  199. Karin Dollery says
  200. Katharine W says

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  202. Anu Chopra says
  203. Cheryl Morreale says
  204. CanadianDadBlog says

    My kids love Boots the best. I like Swiper though…
    My recent post How Being a Good Loser is Easier Said Than Done

  205. Katharine W says
  206. Jenny Stewart says
  207. Lindsay Cyr says

    Daily Tweet! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

  208. My kids love Swiper. I'm not sure why since he's the'bad' guy, but they think he's really funny

  209. facebook shared!/jackie.mandzak/posts/

    (ps, couldn't get it to go into twitter where I had planned to share)

  210. My daughter loves Dora

  211. Karin Dollery says


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