Girls like Cars too

I recently posted a giveaway for tickets to the upcoming Canadian International AutoShow. The mandatory entry was to tell me why the entrant wanted to win the tickets. Almost everyone who has entered so far has either been male or has entered for their male spouse. I must say I am a bit surprised. I am a girl and I would love to attend. I always find it fascinating to see the latest additions to the car world. Pick out my dream car and maybe even try out some of the latest technology. Last year I attended the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The cars I saw and the things I learned while there were fun, energizing and something both men and women would enjoy.


This year I do not have any plans on attending a Auto Show. If I did I would want to check out Subaru Impreza 4 We are looking for a vehicle to get to the city and back a few times a week. We need something big for the family, however hubs travels alone quite a bit. We need something great on gas and still have passenger room in case me or the kids tag along.  The four doors is really handy and the car itself is really slick looking.

If not that then I would want to check out the Subaru Forester This SUV would fit my family comfortably and the heated seats would be a great addition for these cold Canadian winters. The only thing is I would want to keep it to myself and not share with the spouse. SUVs seem to be the replacement for min-vans. I personally thing they are cooler looking and more functional  Plus if hubs drives it he can still look “manly” lol. There are really so many options in vehicles this year. Every time I see one I like, I turn around and find another. Checking out cars is worst than shopping at the mall.

I may just check out the Subaru  website at since I can not make it to a show this year. I will do my window shopping online and when it comes time to make our purchase, I will be prepared.

Either way my point is, we women drive cars, why do we not like them?

Are you a car gal?


  1. yeah that really is interesting, I know a few lady car lovers but I guess not a lot. I loved NAIAS this year, just wish I wasn't so tired and my feet didn't hurt, I would have made it further! lol
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  2. iI would not call myself a car girl, but certainly appreciate a well designed car. that is built to be family friendly
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  3. Maple Leaf Mommy says

    I am not a car nut by any means, but I always appreciate cool new tech! I think a car show could be fun.
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