Karma Coffee and Paying it Forward

This morning we woke to a huge flooded yard. A slushy gushy mess and thunder with lightening. Not a great way to start the day. All the snow we got the other day mixed with rain and temperatures rising made a big mess.

I figured I would drive our son into school instead of making him wait for the bus. At the same time I could stop at Tim Hortons and grab coffee for me and hubs. We were a bit early for school , so Tim Hortons was first on the list. I drove through the lights and went to turn left into the turning lane. Did an over the shoulder look and saw a brand new Hyundai elantra 2013 driving up really fast in the centre lane. 

The turning lane.

This was a long distance for a vehicle to be driving in the centre lane.

I, at first thought they were turning into the variety store and almost went over into the lane. But then noticed they too were turning into the same place as me. The fog and rain made seeing very difficult. I am lucky I even noticed her driving at all. I did not want to side swipe another car while driving my sister’s brand new blue Tucson she just bought at desmeuleshyundai.ca .

I rolled down my window and threw my hand out the window to show her she was being an aggressive driver. I did not curse. I did not flip the bird. I just gave a grumpy look and waited for her to pass so I could turn in. I guess it could be a minor case of road rage. She pulled into the drive thru and I pulled up behind her. There were a few cars ahead of her and we did not look at one another nor did we speak.

I ordered my coffees (1 xl triple triple, 1 large double double) and proceeded to the window to pay. The total was just over $3. I had the money out and ready for the cashier. She opened the window and said “The lady in front of you bought your coffees!” 

My response “Good! Her driving almost killed me. That was the least she could do” Then I laughed and explained what happened. Then said “It is nice to know she realized she made a mistake. I take this as an apology and gladly accept”. I was grumpy about her driving but was thankful she realized she messed up and made an effort to make up for it.



and paying it forward

I have not lost faith in the human race. I realize we all make mistakes. It is those who can admit they made a mistake, learn from it and apologize that make the world a better place.

Plus, in a small town chances of us seeing each other is great. Next time I see her I will say thank you instead of another two word phrase 🙂 Plus I am glad I somewhat kept my cool.


Have you had someone make up for a mistake they made lately? Maybe send an unexpected thank you? I would love to hear about it




  1. Cheryl Grandy says

    What a great way to say "Sorry." I'll have to remember that for some time when I need to apologize. Thanks for sharing.

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