Ozery's Pita Break Crispy Pitas and more


A part of my New Years goal is to eat healthy, make it away of life. So for me this product could have not come at a better time.

Ozery’s Pita Break has recently introduced a new addition to its line of products. For those seeking a delicious, all natural and healthier option for snacking, Ozery’s Pita Break is excited to announce its newest product, Crispy Pitas.

The NEW Crispy Pitas are great on their own replacing chips and or cracker or accompanied by a variety of dips from peanut butter to hummus to salsa.  Whether you’re entertaining or looking for a snack, Crispy Pitas are the perfect addition to any occasion. It was great to serve my guests a healthy alternative over the holidays.

Crispy Pitas are available in four NEW innovative flavours and are available in 170 g bags. These NEW snack sized pita chips are a healthier alternative to potato chips, containing 50 per cent less fat than regular potato chips*.Crispy Pitas are Trans Fat free, contain whole grains, are a source of fibre and contain 6g of protein per serving. Flavours include: Cranberry Pumpkin Seed, filled with juicy cranberries and nutty pumpkin seeds for a sweet and salty crunch;Rosemary Garlic, baked with fragrant rosemary and roasted garlic; Organic Spelt with Flax, packed with nutrition and dotted with nutty flax seeds, a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids; and Organic Wheat, simply made with organic wheat flour and dusted lightly with sea salt.

What started off as a Toronto-based family owned bakery and sandwich shop in 1996, has since evolved into a household brand. With a philosophy of “We are what we eat”, Ozery’sPita Break’s business is based upon the simple belief: “Our bodies deserve the best possible fuel.”

crispy pitas

Having outgrown its original storefront location,Ozery’s Pita Break now resides in a larger bakery in northern Toronto and has expanded into the United States, better serving its growing clientele. In this bakery, all-natural, preservative-free flatbreads, pitas and Lavash crackers are baked fresh each day.  Each delicious variety will leave you satisfied, energized and confident that you’re eating right.

Being a snacker I was happy to try these out. They are very tasty on their own and I personally would not dip them.  I have been a customer of Pit Break for years. I actually am a part of their coupon club as well. Once a year they send out a coupon to their members (one per household)

Ozery’s Pita Break has other products too. Some I really love like the Morning Rounds available in 4 varieties (cranberry orange  apple cinnamon, multi grain and Muesli)


These are so yummy for breakfast with a bit of butter on them. Very fluffy as well. Boy those cranberries get hot though 🙂

The apple and Honey Lavish Crackers are very nice as well.Served with fruit and cheese they are fab to serve for lunch or a light snack. The crackers are actually available in the following flavours but the Apple and honey are my fave

  • Chipotle
  • Apple & Honey
  • Flax & Honey
  • Multi Grain & Honey
  • Organic Spelt
  • Organic Whole Wheat
  • Rye



Another product line of Pita Break’s I tried was the One Bun My children were not fans as they do not like multi grain but for me, watching what I am eating, I love them. They were very good with a chicken burger the other night. It is great to not have to cut out buns and bread during my healthy transition.

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Have you tried Ozery’s Pita Break before? What products do you like best?


  1. Great post! I love learning the history behind a company! It makes me feel closer to them! Thanks for sharing! I know my boys would love them!
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  2. Those look great. I am getting so hungry looking at the flavours. My goal is health too.

  3. I have heard of them before, but never tried the products. I think I will check my local RCSS to see if they are carried there!

  4. These look tasty, and seem much healthier than chips. I enjoy snacking, but my goals for this year including doing it healthier. Thanks for the share!

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  5. Oh my gosh – they all look so delicious that I would have a tough time choosing one! My husband is a chip nut so I'll have to show him these.

  6. Oh I love the morning rounds! Good luck with your healthy eating kick, I am reaching for the same goal. I will be keeping my eye open for these!
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  7. Alayne Langford says

    I would love to know if these products are Gluten Free at all?? Thanks 🙂

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