The remarkable bond between twins

As an only child myself I grew up desperately wanting a sibling, or really anyone but my parents to play with.  I loved board games, swimming, skating and exploring the woods near my house.  All of which needed someone else.

I think that my boys have the best possible scenario: a twin of the same gender.  Since they were on ‘the inside’ they have interacted with each other constantly.  They have always been able to sense the way the other one is feeling and hate to be apart.  That said, they certainly do have days when they drive each other crazy.


Whenever we have tried to separate the boys they really really hate it.  While they relish in having you all to themselves to read a book, build a tower or play trains, my boys prefer to be together every chance they can.  When the boys were about 6 months old we had to take one of them to a medical appointment a couple of hours away from our home.  Thinking this was a good chance to divide and conquer, my husband took one to the appointment and I stayed home with the other.  As an exhausted mom I was so looking forward to just napping but the twin I kept home cried all day.  When my husband returned he said the same thing.  Once home and back together they were calm, happy and content. I was astounded that the two, even as infants could show that much distress about being separated.

Now, as they get closer to school age I am reading all of the literature I can about educating twins.  Half of the books say to keep them in the same classroom, the other half say to separate them.  It’s going to be a tough decision but in the end, I am sure my boys will be the ones who help me to understand what is right for them


Kerrie blogs at Family Food and Travel.  She is a mom of twin boys (born March 2010) who she often refers to as the ‘twinado’.  Kerrie loves, writing, travel, photography, and fabulous food.  Prior to kids, Kerrie was an avid reader and scrapbooker and hopes to one day return to those activities.  Kerrie once considered herself successful, that was until she attempted toilet training twins.


  1. Oh my goodness. HOw stinkin cute!!! I always wondered about this and their own special bond. Twins are the best!

  2. how very cool–I have identical twin cousins and being 10 years older than them got to witness lots of what you are describing. enjoy every minute with them –they go too fast. They are beautiful!!! God Bless them!
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  3. so adorable, I have twin nephews! my boys are a year apart but they look the same and are the same size and everyone always thinks they are twins or even triplets with the oldest too!
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  4. Super cute boys you have! I've known a couple of twins while I was growing up, they weren't in the same class and loved it that way because they had their own friends and got time away from one another, but now being a parent and seeing my daughter's friends who are twin boys they've been in the same class with each other since JK and when I talk to their mom she says she loves it like that. I guess it just depends, every situation is different.
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  5. Aww! They are adorable! Twins run in my family but skipped my generation, but I always secretly wished I would have had a set.
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  6. Twinado!! Ha. My husband's one niece has twins and they are tweens now. But when they were little boy oh boy they were interesting. Well, they still are. Their speech was actually at issue for a long time and she set them up with speech therapy etc. Because these two were so close they invented their own language that made no sense to anyone else but was totally just theirs. They still get each other and are very quirky athletic little dudes (well not so little anymore.) So funny. Now they are completely understandable and healthy and super competitive little hockey players!
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  7. So adorable! I have always wanted twins such a blessing! I think its incredible how they miss each other. I would love to hear more…

  8. So cute! 🙂 With my twin boys they are in the same classroom and enjoy it as they share the same friends, they are still VERY much individuals, with very different interests and tastes, but it's great they can share the same experiences at school, have the same friends and it's working for us so far in JK and now SK.
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  9. They are soo cute! my two kids are 16 months apart and we have experienced similar things. Funny how when they are apart they will ask when the other will be home. As for school, you'll know. We had to split our two up just because we figured it was better for them academically.
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  10. They're adorable! I have read a few articles and stories about twin's bonds and it's amazing.
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  11. Adorable you would always have a best friend

  12. They are so cute!! My two aren't twins but they are 13 months apart and they are very close. As toddlers they couldn't stand to be apart. Now at 6 & 7 they are starting to relish a bit more alone time but still are as close as best friends.

  13. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments about my boys! Love reading your responses and hearing other stories about twins. xo
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  14. Victoria Ess says

    Oh, so cute!

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