4 Essential Tools for Moving

Whether you live in New York, NY or Chicago, IL, moving to a new home can be stressful, especially without the proper planning. It’s one thing to find a local storage unit like Uncle Bob’s and another thing to physically move every single item. Trying to move without the right tools can be really hectic and strain your patience. In the following article we look into a few essential tools that you need when moving…

1. Appliance Dollies

Yes, we’re talking about the two wheeled trolley that easily slips under your refrigerator so that it can be lifted up and pulled away. It’s better to use one that has adjustable heights and has a safety mechanism like strapping for security built right into it. Also, see to it that it has multiple wheels that drop down to help your refrigerator move on not two, but four wheels and can stand up on any needed angle.

2. Furniture Pads

These work well when it comes to protecting all the important items when being stored in the truck and during the move. Not only that, but adding furniture pads will also help in saving your walls plus doorways from any damage. This might seem like a simple thing but it will definitely make a huge difference in keeping things safe and secure.

3. Crate Carriers

These are strong and sturdy stacking plastic boxes, where the box at the bottom has a four wheeled platform. You can stack them as high as you want to go, which makes moving all those difficult items easy and stress-free. This is one tool that you should have at all costs if you plan to move on your own.

4. Cargo Boxes Plus Bubble Wrap

This isn’t your regular cargo box, but a highly strong one with a lid attached and lots of smooth bubble wrap to keep all your expensive and non-expensive items safe/secure. These boxes are not only strong but are pretty light too. You’ll find that there are different cargo boxes of different sizes for multiple uses. For example, there are boxes for mirrors and then other big ones where you can fit in all the smaller ones in order to keep all items safe.

In conclusion, you not only need to have the best equipment/tools to make your move easier, but also know how to use it effectively. Using the tools that we discussed above you can get done with the moving fast while protecting your items in the best possible manner.



  1. Tania Smith says

    Thank you for the tips.
    Boy have times changed. When I was moving into my first apartment, I had a few friends to help and everything was crammed into cardboard boxes and garbage bags. Many things were broken and I even had a garbage bag of my clothes lost off the back of a pick up truck. What a stressful mess!

  2. Victoria Ess says

    All of those are lifesavers, especially the dolly. When I was a student, I moved so frequently, and helped my friends move as well. Those were definitely musts… of course they can't make up for an ill-prepared, ill-organized friend on moving day!

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