An Event for Redheads

For all my redhead friends out there, I wanted to share with you a fun event just for us. I am away the week after so I will not be attending. I would love to hear all about it from those who though. 

Check it out

Rock it like a Redhead ( will premiere in New York City on March 16th, 2013.
Oh, and did we mention it is St. Patrick’s Day Weekend? That wasn’t done by mistake! 
The event will be from 5-10PM. It will begin with a Beauty Session from 5-8PM and a Fashion Session from 8-10PM. Sponsors are Pureology, Goldwell, Whip Hand Cosmetics, RUSK, Incoco, Prescriptives, Dana-Maxx, Warehouse, Oasis.. and many more. Every single detail about the event, including the sponsors, decorations and swag bags are all for Redheads; even our event planner is a Redhead! 
Check out How to be a Redhead for more details

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