Bubble Guppies On the Job DVD

Bubble Guppies On the Job DVD by nickelodeon has over 2 hours of fun adventures for your preschooler. THese cute little characters discover all kinds of jobs and are really lovable. The bright colours keep the viewers attention. Swim into the following episodes with htis fun bunch

  • Fishketball
  • A Tooth on the looth
  • Buid me a Building
  • The Grumpfish special
  • CAll a Clambulance
  • Firefighter gil to the rescue

 The Bubble Guppies go on field trips to learn about different things they can be when they grow up.  Learn about construction, explore all kinds of ball games, dive into a day at a restaurant, visit a hospital, discover dentists and join Firefighter Gil on a rescue!

bubble guppies

Watch for it in storesnear you Febuary 5th 2013.

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