Contest Alert – Share Your Unconditional Love for Your Furry Friend with the Iams “Love Tail”

This is my dog Jake. NOT my family dog, mine. He loves me and thinks I am his mama. He is never far from my side. When he was first brought to us, we slept in the spare room together to not disturb the rest of the family when he whined. Jake is the sweetest, kindest biggest bear dog you can imagine. But come after his mamma and watch out. I never would have thought this until I had to call 911 when we almost lost our daughter during my pregnancy a few years back. He sensed my stress and would not allow the ambulance drivers in the house. He thought they were causing me stress. He was protecting me. My 83 year old neaighbur had to pull him into the other room to allow the ambulance attendees into our house. Jake walks with me, lays with me, let me use him as aa foot rest. Puts his head on my lap and all this is him showing me love. He does not care if I have make up on or if my blog has lots of readers. He just wants to hang out with me. This is unconditional love. Jake is just over 8 years old. I hope he has many more years left as I have many more years of love to share with him.


We all know that feeling when our furry friend greets us at the door, curls up next to us for a movie night or even lends their paw when we have a bad day – it’s called love.  Not only are pets our companions, they are members of the family who we love unconditionally.  Just like sharing stories about our children, we all love sharing stories or “tails” about our furry friends and the love and laughter they bring to our lives.

To celebrate the unconditional love between pets and their owners, Iams is launching its Love Tail Contest and calling on all Canadians to submit their everlasting love story with a photo that captures the strong, loving bond between pet parents and their pets.

Dig deep into your heart and share your pet love because winning submissions will have their love stories turned into “Love Tails” – short memorable videos that will run on the Iams social channels and will win one year’s supply of Iams food! What else?  The grand prize winner and their furry four-legged friend will star in the next national Iams advertising campaign!

We encourage you and all your readers to submit your “Love Tail” for a chance to be the stars of the next Iams ad and also win a year’s supply of Iams food!  Here are some details on how to enter:

How can you enter? 

Share your “Love Tail”:  Visit and submit a picture of your cat or dog and along with your IAMS “love tail” story (500 characters or less) starting now through March 3. To be considered, you must have used IAMS in the last month and show this in your picture!

What happens after you submit your “Love Tail”

Once the submission phase is over, Iams will select 50 stories (25 dog and 25 cat) as semi-finalists. From the Love Tails semi-finalists, Iams will then select 10 finalists (5 dog and 5 cat) and each will win free Iams food for a year!  Finally, in April, Iams will ask its Facebook fans to choose their favorite Love Tail from the group of finalists and one grand prize winner will be selected.

Inspiration for your submission:

Iams wants to know what true love means between you and your pet!  Your 500 word “love tail” and photo should tell your love story between you and your pet in a way that would inspire a compelling 1-2 minute video. What makes your love so unique?  Was it love at first sight? What defines your love between you and your pet? Here are some additional thought starters to help you find inspiration when creating your very own “love tail”

  • How does your furry friend show you they love you and how do you show them?
  • How has Iams made a difference in your pet’s life?
  • What is a favourite heartwarming memory of your pet?
  • What is it about your pet that makes you love them?
  • You can check out these Iams commercials for inspiration too – Pretty Tough DogWelcome HomeGroupie.

Be sure to also check out the requirements for the contest here:!tab_requirements

To learn more visit



  1. What a sweetheart! It's such an honor to receive unconditional love from a dog.

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