Disney Peter Pan Diamond Edition February 5

Hanging out with my children is a fun time. We build forts, make faces and do silly voices. It is fun to be a kid. Why is it when we grow up we stop having fun? The lovable story of Peter Pan teaches us to believe. The movie allows us to be kids again. Maybe growing up does not needs to be so scary. Maybe we can have fun while doing it and rememebr the little things like imagination.

If you could be a kid again for one day, what would you be inspired to do? Would you climb trees? Eat cake for dinner? Play baseball in the lot behind your old house with your little brother? Tell us about your dream never grow up day. Check out the slide show below with tips on how to never grow up (you may need to refresh the screen to view)

Disney’s Peter Pan is available to purchase Feb 5 2013 everywhere. This Diamond edition pack includes DVD and Blueray. If you are looking for some Peter Pan inspired games to print check out the banner below.

Download Peter Pan Never Grow Up Games

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