#Disney Phineas and Ferb Animal Agents DVD

phineas and ferb animal agents

How well do you really know your pet…or ANY animal? Behind a cute and/or cuddly exterior there may lurk a cunning crime-fighter with a brown fedora, a top-secret identity and a license to thrill! Meet the heroic Animal Agents of the O.W.C.A. (Organization Without A Cool Acronym)

Join Perry the Platypus – a.k.a. Agent P – and his fellow operatives as they team up to thwart Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his dastardly “Inators.” Be they furry or feathered, scaly or slimy, these fearless agents roll over for nobody when it comes to crushing evil in the Tri-State Area and beyond. Fully loaded with over two hours of animal-themed adventures, including the exciting, two-part Phineas And Ferb cliffhanger “Where’s Perry?”, this fun-filled, action-packed laughfest will drive you wild!

phineasand ferb


Phineas and Ferb are my kids fave. When we went to Disney World last year DD had a blast dancing with them. Almost daily you can hear someone in our home say “Where is Perry?” I know my kids are going to love watching this DVD.

This DVD is now available to purchase at a retailer near you.



  1. Dr Dufinsports (I have no idea how to spell it!)

  2. MY favourite character is Perry! 😉
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  3. We love P&F Around here!

  4. Candace

  5. Perry is our fave.

  6. My son loves Perry (Agent P)!

  7. We like Perry.

  8. …FERB …

  9. My little guy likes perry and phineas the best!

  10. Perry is the best!
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  11. My daughter's favourite is Perry

  12. my son loves Perry the most 🙂

  13. We like Perry

  14. jennifer capin says

    Perry 🙂

  15. Elva Roberts says

    February -Probably Phineas is the favourite.

  16. Perry is my son's favorite

  17. My son wears a fedora 24/7. I pop it off his head when he falls asleep. So I'm going with Agent P 🙂
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  18. Mine like Perry.

  19. Louise Gilbert says

    we love Perry

  20. Fern!

  21. Perry

  22. We like Perry best.

  23. Ferb

  24. Perry is the one

  25. We like Perry.

  26. Andrea Williams says

    My son likes Phineas. I like Isabella and Ferb when he comments.

  27. My 4 yr old thinks Isabella is great. I think he's crushing lol.

  28. My daughter loves phineas

  29. Elva Roberts says

    February 27-Made error in previous Google + entry. Contest runs until March 8 –not the 30 as I previously stated in another entry.

  30. My boy likes Phineas.

  31. Jennifer L. says

    My son loves Perry.

  32. Perry is the big hit!

  33. my son loves agent p and i love buford, we agree to disagree lol

  34. kristina Ziegler says

    I like Perry!

  35. Perry! And dr.doofenschmirtz!

  36. my kids said Perry

  37. Tania Smith says

    My son loves Perry.

  38. Perry

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  39. Sarah Stickney says


  40. billiondollarprincesss says


  41. nomnombearinyvr says

    My son loves perry.

  42. Nan Bixby says

    I am not sure which is the favorite but she sure loves to watch the show

  43. Christy Martin says

    They love Perry.

  44. michelle tremblett says

    i love perry 🙂

  45. christina p says

    My boys love Perry, they are watching P&F right now!

  46. frommommywithlove says

    We love Ferb….but Isabella is also cool.

  47. binabugged says


  48. ferb!!!
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  49. Elva Roberts says

    March 5- I wanted to comment on your post on Being Held Accountable. I love your optimism. Let's face it-life need optimists or we would surely all be sunk in gloom a lot of the time. Newspapers don't really print the 'good news' nor does 'TV. Anyway I encourage you to keep the faith and I will be praying and hoping that all works out for you and your family.

  50. 3angels3 says

    My kids like Perry.

  51. We like Perry.

  52. Kristi Renout says


  53. My boys love Perry.

  54. Perry!


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