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It’s official, stubble is killing the Canadian kiss! When surveyed, 72 per cent of women reveal that kissing a guy with facial hair has irritated or scraped their face. Overall, half of women claim to have used a facial cream or lotion on irritated skin, tried to cover it up with makeup (23%) and some even added an accessory to hide the irritation (5%). In addition, almost one in four women have actually avoided kissing a guy romantically because he had facial hair

Personally I love stubble. I think facial hair on a man is very sexy. However my teen son who has been shaving for a couple of years tells me the girls his age think differently. He is in shaving more often than his dad. Since he is a redhead like me, he has very sensitive skin. I recently gave him the Gillette Fusion razor to try out and he loves it. He says it glides easily and leaves a smooth surface. No irritation either.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide GiveawayWith signs pointing to the decline of kissing in Canada, the ever increasing number of men sporting stubble and facial hair styles could be part of cause. Gillette asks, is stubble killing the kiss?

Gillette surveyed Canadian women and had a similar response from east to the west—women (80%) like their man with a smooth or clean shaven face. When Canadian women think of clean shaven men, a vision of a smooth, good looking and kissable gentleman comes to mind. Of course, we can’t deny that 60 per cent of women like the look of light stubble or a  five o’clock shadow, describing this man as sexy and rugged above all else. While women may like the look of a sexy, rugged man with stubble, overall, 75 per cent said they prefer to kiss a guy who is smooth or clean shaven.

Not only do women claim to have long, lingering kisses most often when kissing a smooth/clean shaven man, four in ten also claim that they would kiss a clean shaven man more often. Less than 10 per cent who make the same claim about men with facial hair.

Check out Kiss and Tell for yourself and see what Canadians prefer



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  1. I like a little stubble 🙂

  2. clean shaven!

  3. Definitely clean shaven!

  4. Clean shaven…I personally think George and Ben would have looked so much better without the beards…why hide those gorgeous faces?!?

  5. I like stubble and beards

  6. I like the look of stubble, but when it comes to getting close, please shave!

  7. Depends on the guy.

  8. Dayna Wilson says

    I like the way that a bit of stubble looks, but it's totally true that clean shaven is nicer to kiss.

  9. Victoria Ess says

    I prefer clean shaven for how it feels, but I like the scruffy look

  10. Clean shaven

  11. I like stubble,

  12. I love the looks of stubble but prefer clean shaven for touch

  13. I enjoy some stubble

  14. Definitely clean shaven with hubby!
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  15. clean shaven for me

  16. I love one day stubble

  17. I prefer the clean shaven look!

  18. I'm not fussy 😉

  19. clean shave

  20. I like the clean shave Fusion gives

  21. Clean shaven

  22. Clean shaven

  23. I prefer a clean shaven man but George Clooney can do whatever he wants!!

  24. I like clean shaven

  25. I prefer clean shaven.

  26. Lee Pearson says

    I like a little stubble

  27. I like a bit of stubble.

  28. JENNIFER HART says


  29. definitely clean shaven!!

  30. clean shaven for me

  31. Louise Gilbert says

    stubble….I love the 5oclock shadow

  32. clean shaven

  33. My preference is clean-shaven.

  34. clean shaven

  35. my preference is clean shaven.

  36. Tania Smith says

    I prefer clean shaven for kissing. I've had whisker burn and it's not fun. HOWEVER, I find a man with stubble irresistibly sexy. Sigh. What to do?

  37. julie_bolduc says

    clean shaven

  38. Clean Shaven but stubble can be sexy

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  39. i don't mind a little stubble but definitely no mustache

  40. My hubby was bearded when we married and now the kiddos got one too!

  41. like clean shaven

  42. Clean shaven

  43. Sarah Stickney says

    clean shaven

  44. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    At this point in my life I likely should not be picky but I do like a clean shaven face.

  45. Christy Martin says

    I prefer clean shaven and totally think that only a few men can pull off the stubble look or a beard for that matter!

  46. Clean Shaven

  47. Suminderji says

    I keep a beard but trimmed … sucks not having a chin anymore.

  48. I like smooth and clean shaven

  49. A little stubble

  50. stacey h says

    clean shaven

  51. awwainvancouver says

    clean shaven

  52. Facial hair!

  53. Clean shaven

  54. Fusion is awsome

  55. I love clean and smooth

  56. CLEAN !

  57. clean shaven!

  58. binabugged says

    congrats to the winner and thanks for hosting this

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