Girls Night Out

girls  night out

Some of my favourite adult memories are of the nights when us girls just get to go out and have fun. No husbands, no kids, nobody expecting us to do anything. Just fun and laughs. I really must admit that I do not get to go out with the girls as much as I would like to. Every day life, sport, and family takes over most of my free time. But when the opportunity arises, I am sure to jump on it.

According to a recent Ladbroke bingo survey regarding girls night out the biggest appeal for lady’s to get out is dressing up and the cost really not being much. Women want to dress up and feel fancy and not worry about baby spit up, dirty fingers and messy faces smudging on their clothes. We love our family and we love our children, but we need to still get out and have fun without worry or guilt every once in a while.

A few other interesting stats showed that when it comes to eating out women would love take out. I understand this, who wants to cook when you are having a night out? Especially if you are the primary cook in your home. The survey also showed women love playing games or different varieties and love karaoke. Now, personally I can see the games but karaoke is something I have never been able to get myself to enjoy. It must be my fear of public speaking. But you never know, after a couple glasses of wine I may be persuaded.  Speaking of wine, that happens to be the top choice of drink from the women survey ed for their girls night out. Followed by cocktails and beer. Last on the beverage list was tea.


I think no matter what you like to do on your Girls night out, whether it be having a few drinks, dancing or playing games, it is all good as long as you are among friends. Friends who love you, make you laugh and just enjoy you for you .

When did you last have a Girls Night Out?


  1. I went out with high school friends on Friday night. SO fun. LOVE girls' nights out!
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  2. I recently won tickets to see some tribute bands at a bar here in Toronto..Made it a girls night out.. It was soo needed by all, and such a fun night.!!
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  3. Been a while, perhaps it time to have one;)
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  4. Been awhile since I was out on a girls night, maybe it is time to organize one!

  5. I belong to a 55 female voice choir which I love. That is my night out each week. We sing, we laugh and sometimes we cry together but there is something to be said for being in a room full of women who are all there for each other. I don't know what I would do without the choir.

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