Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him if You’re on a Budget

couple kissingAs Valentine’s Day fast approaches, you may be struggling to find your man a gift that you can afford. Sure he could use a nice new set of golf clubs, but those might not be in the budget this year. Fortunately, there are plenty of gifts out there that he will love that won’t break your budget. From traditional gifts to creative gifts, you’ll no doubt be able to find him something that he’ll use everyday. Check out this list of ideas for gifts you can get your Valentine without hurting your wallet, and make this Valentine’s Day the best you’ve ever had as a couple!
Office Plants
Spice up his desk at his office by making him a gorgeous office terrarium. Grab a bowl, some succulents, moss, soil, and other kinds of little things that would look great in a terrarium. Arrange them in the bowl with some rocks, and add some personalization in the form of a note on the outside of the bowl. Your Valentine will no doubt think of you every time he looks at his awesome terrarium, and it will help bring some life to his office desk. Check to find a nursery in your area where you can get the supplies you need. Just make sure you use plants that don’t require water often, because chances are he’ll forget to water it on most days.
Home Brew Kit
Chances are your man is a big fan of beer, so why not get him a kit that allows him to make his own? Make your own beer kits are easy to use and inexpensive, usually starting around $25. Kits range from very simple to more complex, so depending on how much time your Valentine has to dedicate to making beer you can choose an appropriate kit. Make sure you let him try his first batch of beer before you try it, because you never know how it might taste!
Whiskey Stones
Whiskey stones are a great inexpensive gift for the man who enjoys a nice glass of bourbon. Whiskey stones sit in the freezer and get very cold, and then are added to a glass of whiskey in place of ice. Since the stones don’t melt, they don’t dilute the whiskey at all. Unless your Valentine is a whiskey aficionado, he probably won’t notice the difference between having the whiskey stones and regular ice, but he’ll feel like he does, and it’s nice to humor him once in a while.
Personalized Golf Balls
So maybe you can’t afford him a set of new clubs this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t afford something that he can take out on the links with him. Get your Valentine a set of personalized golf balls that he’ll brag about to his golf buddies. Personalize them with his name, his favorite quote, or even a funny joke, and he’ll think of you every time he hits the links. Personalized golf balls are not very expensive, and make a great gift that will last for years. 
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