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Growing up we had a summer home. Well it was a huge trailer that could not be towed away by a regular vehicle. We had a seasonal lot up near the beach at a family camp ground. Every Friday night we would take the hour drive to our trailer and spend the weekend. We would have BBQs , camp fires, hang out at the beach and have the time of our lives. The campground itself had activities for kids scheduled every weekend and all summer long. Things like wagon rides, crafts, hikes, sing alongs and games were the highlight of my youth. It was a fun time. 

When I became mom I longed for my children to experience what I had as a child. We did not have a trailer or summer home. So we sent them to camp. Our oldest chose to go to a Survivor themed camp. It was located on a private island and lasted 1 week. While there she cooked by fire, camped under the stars and made a raft from items found on the beach. Her camp experience created friendships and strengthened her confidence. She tells me she still has found memories of this even though it was six years ago. 

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  1. I remember going to camp, it was the best experience of my young life. If a parent can somehow manage to get their children into camp please please do. It will enrich their lives more than you think and keep a lasting impression.

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  2. I only ever had the chance to go to camp once, and it was through a school program. It was a YMCA camp, and I'll never forget it. It might have been the best week of my childhood!
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  3. I never got to go to camp. I have many happy memories of family vacations at cottages we rented. But I have heard stories of summer camps for children and sounds wonderful!

  4. dewdropgardens says

    I was in a 2 week camp through the United Church for a couple of years, and I loved it! This is such a wonderful idea.
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  5. Ok… get ready, I have a good one. I went to summer camp when I was 13… I fell hard for this dreamy counsellor , he was 18… anyway, I asked him when he was going to marry me and he pat me on the head and said" You are cute, but I don't think so" well, long story short, I have been married to him for 22 yrs. now!
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  6. I loved summer camp! Your trailer sounds pretty neat! I have friends who's trailer place has the same thing…a semi-permanent trailer and lots of activities. So much fun!
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  7. WOW what an amazing childhood, you were very blessed to have so many fun camp memories. Great story!

  8. A survivor themed camp sounds like fun!

  9. I think camp experiences are so great. I didn't go to summer camp but I did go to camps through my school, and I learned a lot. Every kid should get to go.

  10. mybitsandbleeps says

    I never got to go to summer camp but I did go on a week long school camping trip (years ago). I'll never forget building a fire, on my own, and lighting it without a match …. yes, I rubbed two sticks together until I got a fire started!!

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