How Tide Pods saved my mind & budget

Being a mom to four kids I have always clipped coupons, watched for deals and tried to save money wherever I could whenever I could. So often this meant not buying the best and often compromising quality. When it came to cleaning products I would often buy generic brands and use more to get the results a quality brand would offer. For some reason I thought even though I was using more I was still saving because the initial amount was less. Perfect example was Tide. I never, ever ever bought Tide.

Why, well because I could not afford it

Looking at the shelf price I would see cheaper products and buy those. We go through so much laundry it only made sense to me.

This was until recently.

When I became a P&G Mom we were given a pouch of Tide Pods to try out. Other moms and bloggers raved about them and said they actually were saving money using them. I was a bit doubtful but figured I would try it out.

I used the Pods for the entire pouch and loved them. I loved the convenience and the cleanliness of them. No spilling, no measuring, no mess.  Plus my clothes never looked cleaner.

tide pods

When my pouch ran out I headed out to Walmart to buy some more. I saw the pouch was $4.99 and decided to buy it. I liked that it was the same price as the cheap brand and I was actually getting the full amount of loads out of it. With the cheap bottle I was never getting the entire amount of loads. I also liked that it was easy to store and no spills were being made.

After using up my second pouch I decided to buy some more. this time I did the math and found that if I spent the $19 for the tub I was actually getting 2 pouches for free. Shortly after buying the tub my washer broke.




Suddenly I found my 3 loads a day being cut down to a load every other day and having to travel to do laundry. My choices were few. I could buy a box of soap at the laundry matt for $1 a box, use the heavy messy bottles or bring the pods as I needed. I chose the pods.

So the Tide Pods save me money, save me from headaches and saved me from an unnecessary mess.

If you are like me and have been using the cheap thinking you are saving money, I challenge you to buy the Tide Pods and see how many loads you get for the same price. You can most likely even find a coupon as I know P&G Brandsaver had had them up before

I am a customer for life. My laundry has never been cleaner.


Disclosure I am a P&G MOm I was provided with product. A post was not expected. Opions are my own. 


  1. multitestingmommy says

    I absolutely LOVE the convenience of Tide Pods!
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  2. Brenda Penton says

    I love the Tide Pods!! Best detergent I have ever used. I like that I can toss a pod in no matter what size load and it always comes out clean and smelling fresh.

  3. I love tide pods. Everyone harasses me that they aren't frugal, but they totally are. Costco. Or I use bonus Sdm optimum points days to buy them.

  4. Interesting! I like Tide Pods as well.

  5. I also like the tide pods. I ended up with a bunch of free samples and they sat in my laundry supplies for quite a while. Then I decided to use them up so clear them out of there. To my wonder, my clothes smelled fresher – not smelly, just fresher. My stinky machine (front loading, even after a cleaning) smelled better, too.
    I use them for full loads and since I got regular tide on sale at a crazy low price I use that for the smaller loads. (in my head that feels 'cheaper') and you just reminded me I have a coupon to use so I'm going to scout out the best deal on pods and get some more.
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  6. I did try the samples I got (my mom sent me her samples as well lol) but I found that it was too much soap for our type of water (we have soft water here). There were tons of bubbles coming out of the floor drain (And thats a big indication that you are using too much soap. I went back to measuring out my liq product instead

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