IAMS Shakeables Treats for dogs


Show your furry friend your love – with a shake and keep the following tips in mind when training your dog. Above all, it’s important not to get discouraged and remember that both a puppy and an adult dog can be trained if you invest the time to do so.

  • Stay Away From Table Scraps – As much as your furry friend loves to hang around the table while you’re eating, ready to pounce on anything that may fall to floor, resist the urge to feed table scrapes. Not only is human food potentially toxic to animals, scraps also tend to be high in fat and calories and low in the vitamins and nutrients your pet needs. Treats, like New Iams Shakeables, offer wholesome ingredients full of delicious flavours your pet will love.
  • Tricks For Treats – Treats can be used for training to get your pet’s attention and keep him or her focused. While training, you should use soft, chewy treats that are easy to digest and won’t take away from training time.
  • Timing is Everything – While training your pet, make sure you are rewarding him or her with a treat immediately after performing the correct action. This ensures the reward is associated with the behaviour.
  • Consistency is Key – Dog training is intense, so choose a day you have a good amount of free time to begin. Pretend you have left the house and stay away for several minutes. Once your dog thinks you’re gone and “violates the restricted area,” walk in and give a firm “no” or “get down.” Direct your dog to his or her bed, and praise him or her for going to it. Repeat this as many times as necessary. Eventually, most dogs will get the hint. Again, consistency is key. This training may have to be repeated periodically over several weeks or even months.
  • Take Treats With You – Most pets don’t stop exhibiting good behaviour after they leave the front door. Whether you’re going on a trip, taking a walk, or playing in the park with your pet, treats make great pet travel rewards.
  • Give Treats In Between Meals – Remember, treats are not a substitute for a meal and should not make up more than 10 to 20 per cent of a dog’s daily diet. To avoid filling up your pet before a meal, try giving treats in between your pet’s scheduled meal times. If you’re training with treats, cut back on meal portions after a session to avoid overeating.


For more information on New Iams Shakeables, adult and puppy training tips visit http://iams.com/dog-food/dog-treats-shakeables . 

Our dogs are pretty much trained. They get lazy and I find treats helps in getting them back in line. Since teh IAMs Shakeables arrived in our house our youngest has been the treat queen. She climbs up into the cupboard with her chair and grabs the treats. She gives them a shake and laughs when the dogs come running. She then gets each to sit and gives them a treat. It is pretty cute to watch . Our dogs are very gentle and they patiently wait for her to give them each one. It looks like they love the Lamb ones the best. 


Iams® Shakeables Soft and Chewy Treats for Dogs are the new sound of treats.

Dogs will come running when they hear the shake of the can. They’ll also stay, sit and shimmy with joy for these soft, meaty treats.
Great for training, playing, teaching tricks. Or just because they’re a
perfect way to show your furry friend how much you care.

They’re made from real chicken, lamb and turkey and give your dog the great taste he loves.

Show your furry friend your love – with a shake.



  1. Buddy (4 years) is timid and a picky eater, and Pal (5 months) is rambunctious and will eat anything. Both are brothers, same parents but different litters. Pal likes to terrorize Buddy by biting his ears and legs and trying to steal treats right out of his mouth…But Buddy always shows him who's boss when we go outside to play. Buddy always kicks butt!! So glad I got Buddy a friend to play with…I just have to teach Pal to stop with the biting and stealing 😛

  2. rhondacallow says

    "It looks like they love the Lamb ones the best." Ha! I can never tell which treats my dog loves the most; he loves just about anything he can get his slobbery mouth on … except boiled eggs. He hates boiled eggs. :-p

  3. his name is george and he is 12

  4. Our dog Teal is part of our family! She loves long walks and lots of attention 🙂

  5. We have a shih tzu named Izzy who is the most loveable dog yet, another stray that was given to us!

  6. We have two – Daisy Mae is a 20lb puggle and Callie is a 70lb sheperdX misc. mix. Both are black with the same white patches. They are very gentle and forgiving of our toddler as she climbs all over them and they like to run on the treadmill for exercise!

  7. prairiebelle says

    Our dog poncho is a Chihuahua. Tiny, cuddly and loveable He is a great addition to our family


    belinda mcnabb

  8. Both my stepmother and mother in law has a Bichon Frise,,named Pipsqueak and Angel..I would love to win thee for them 🙂

  9. I have two dogs, my oldest Princess Ewok is a Shih Tzu and my second is a Pug named Bella. They are my furbabies, and quite spoiled. With my kids growing and not slowing down, I spend more time with my pets. The life of a teenagers' mom… LOL.

  10. Golden Retriever that thinks he is a la dog.

  11. Kelly Ann T. says

    Artie and Kouga are both large mixed breed rescue dogs. We are so blessed to share our home with our lovable furkids.

  12. Tammy Dalley says

    I have two puppies, Harley hes 2 and Bella shes 9 months old, they are both shihtzus.

  13. Dayna Wilson says

    I have a 2 year old pit bull named Commander Shepard. She's a rescue, so she's very shy and not a fan of strangers, but she's a total sweetie. Not a mean bone in her body. She's super protective of our son, and loves to give him kisses. She's doing a great job in proving the pittie-haters wrong! 🙂

  14. Brenda Penton says

    My dog, Callie, is 6 years old. We've had her for 4 years so far. She is so loveable and adores my kids. We love to go on walks together.

  15. My dog Cleo is a lab-husky mix. She loves kids and long walks.

  16. elaine bolduc says

    i have two dogs, yorkies, mom and daughter. the daughter is very protective of me and her bones. it is a lot of work to groom these two dogs but they are worth it. got to love yappy dogs too

  17. 2 Poodles – Penny 10 years old Miniature Poodle, Gracie 1 year old Tiny Toy Parti Poodle

  18. My dog's name is Ariel and she is a German Shepherd mix. We adopted her 6 years ago and she loves treats more than anything, except her people of course. 🙂

  19. I have 2 little fur babies…Leo and Lily, pom/bichon/shiht zhu mix, and maltese/shiht zhu,,,5 years old!

  20. I ahve a dog and cat. AND I train family dogs in group classes. Presenting the treats in a sealable can may hlelp families with kids who have a tendency to totally overfeed/over treat the doggies!

  21. Denise hecht says

    My dog Bonnie Blue is a blue Pitt and the best well trained loving dog ever..Pitt Bulls get such a bad rap it is all in the way they are trained and grow-up. Most amazing dog ever in England they were once known a the Nanny dogs.

  22. I have 6 gorgeous fur-babies who love scooby snacks.

  23. My puppy is 5 months old, his name is Diesel and he is a cross between a Lab and Border Collie

  24. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    I have two wonderful Chihuahuas! Abbey is a one year old female and Skittles is a nine year old male. I love them to pieces!

  25. Moxy is a mixed breed rescue dog. She was very timid at first but now has warmed up to the family and has become a valued member.

  26. I am dogless so we dogsit often for my mom. Her dog Ted is a little stinker 🙂
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  27. Our dog is going to be 11 this year and I have to admit that she has been neglected since our daughter came along – despite me saying that wouldn't happen!!

  28. My dog Butch is a pug mix with a cairn terrier. He is now 5 here old and full of life.

  29. I don't have a dog buy my daughter has a minature dachshund who would love those.

  30. Sarah Stickney says

    I've got two dogs. First is Roxy, a miniature schnauzer/Yorkshire terrier cross. She bred with a Bichon Frise and I kept one of the puppies, named Sophie.

  31. This is for my sister's dog – an silver lab pup named Gracie!

  32. My brother has a fluffy golden color dog appropriately named Rusty.

  33. kellie nehring says

    I have 3…roxy is a great dane / german shepherd….gus is a great dane/ english mastiff and charlie is a bouvier/ bernese mountain dog…..

  34. Katie is a beagle/golden lab mix who will be 14 in April.

  35. Mac is a male German Shepherd with lots of personality.
    Loves his treats and likes his ball too.Even drops it when told.
    great doggie giveaway too.

  36. Sydney D says

    My dog's name is Charlie, and he is a yorkie! I love him to bits.

  37. stacey h says

    my dogs are great.

  38. jenna3967 says

    I have a 1 yr old cockapoo named Daisy
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  39. Our dog Timber is an alaskan malamute. We rescued him from the shelter 3 years ago and he is a friendly dog who loves treats!

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