Interflora Hopeless Romantics

Interflora Valentine's Day survey infographic

When I met my husband the attraction was instant. We knew we were meant to be together and instantly fell in love. Our relationship happened quite quickly, first with calls and visits then with him moving in. There was a spark and we both felt it in our tummy that we were the ones. According to to the infographic above 41% believe they have experienced love at first sight. I bet the number is higher but people most likely did not trust their feelings.

The one HUGE thing I noticed about this infographic is the use of social media and technology. Imagine being dumped on Facebook? Being texted that you are no longer together? Wow! I think that is pretty cruel. 36% were sent a text message according to the hopeless romantic infographic. So much for face to face interaction.

Valentine’s Day is a great day to remember to show your loved ones that you love them. We all get busy in our day to day lives and most of us do not have the romance we see on the television. Even though I think I would like to 🙂 If you would like to send a gift to someone special either today or any other day just because, check out My Interflora Creation Tool to personalize gifts that will be a delight to receive.

Maybe use the tool to create a Just because I love you hamper and surprise your loved one with it. You can add what items you feel best fit the person you are sending them to. Maybe something sweet or a bottle of wine. Creating your hamper is easy to do and the price depends on what you put in it. The presentation is beautiful!


So if you did not get a chance to express your love today, do not stress. You can express your love and show your romantic side any day of the year. Hampers are not the only thing you can create with the tool. You can also make a personalized bouquet of flowers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Maple Leaf Mommy says

    The part of this infographic that cracked me up in right in the bottom righthand corner, where it says 8.5% of men would send an anonymous Valentine to a friend to "wind them up". Cruel, but funny.
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