MrGreen Eco-friendly Household products

mrgreenMrGreen is an all natural family of eco-friendly odour solution products to eliminate Pet & Household odours, treat RV & Marine and Septic System waste and beautify Lawns & Gardens. Extraordinarily eco-safe and free of harsh chemicals, bacteria, enzymes, and perfumes, MrGreen uses unique micronutrient technology to solve odour problems in an all natural way.

MrGreen products contain vitamins, amino acids, minerals,organic compounds, and water. All products are non-toxic, and biodegradable. All MrGreen products are EcoLogo Certified and are safe for humans, animals and the environment.

We live in rural Ontario and this means two things, wild animals like skunks and raccoon’s and septic tanks. So when I heard about MrGreen I knew I had to try it out. We tried out the following products:

  • Skunk away
  • Septic booster
  • EnviroFlush septic system treatment
  • TG2 Grss and root fortifier
  • Pet wash shampoo


We have three dogs and luckily we have not had to use the Skunk away yet. But I am glad we have it on hand for when and if we do. I know we have had a few close calls when it comes to our dogs and skunks. The pet shampoo was great to use and got my dogs coats nice and shiny. with Spring just around the corner both will be welcomed here. 

The product I was most excited about was the septic booster. When you have a septic tank the last thing you want is for this to back up. It is not only a stinky mess for you but your neighbours as well. 

  • MrGreen Septic Booster is an all natural treatment solution and odour eliminator for slow or failing septic systems.
  • Eliminates odours and treats slow or failing septic systems
  • Maintains a healthy septic system and breaks down fats, greases and sludge
  • Will not contaminate groundwater

septicThis is the colour of the septic Booster. You first add half the bottle then later on the rest. Having a septic tank means the waste and water from our home is put into a tank then slowly seeps into the field. It is important to only use natural products and to be very careful what we flush. Maintenance is key as well to prevent back up .

To keep toilets clean the MrGreen Envirflush does a great job.

MrGreen Enviroflush is a 2-1 toilet bowl deodorizer and an automatic septic system treatment that works with existing bacteria in the septic system, toilet bowl and pipes to accelerate the breakdown of solids quickly.



  1. I'd chose the EnviroFlush septic system treatment, it'd be perfect for our recreation trailer!

  2. I would choose the Septic System Treatment in our RV since I am always looking to try new treatments for it.

  3. I would choose the MrGreen Enviroflush product!

  4. i would like the skunk away, or the pet wash or grass and root fortifier

  5. Pet Wash Shampoo

  6. MrGreen TG2 Grass & Root Fortifier

  7. MrGreen Enviroflush product is what I would want

  8. Jennifer L. says

    I'd try the pet wash shampoo.

  9. Nan Bixby says

    Septic Booster

  10. binabugged says

    the one that can beautify my lawn or garden!!

  11. SueSueper says

    I may choose the Pet wash shampoo

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