Popchips new Ketchup flavour

popchipsThanks to the magic of popping, popchips have all the flavour and less than half the fat of fried potato chips. What’s left out are a lot of calories and all the fake colours and flavours (and greasy fingers) that give snacking a bad name. 

popchips are available at over 2,000 retail stores throughout Canada, including Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, Sobeys and Metro. popchips’ new ketchup flavour hits shelves at  Loblaws in a 23 gram single serve bag and an 85 gram share bag starting February 15. To find a retailer near you, and to learn about other taste-bud popping flavours, pop over to popchips.ca.

about popchips®:
popchips®, one of the fastest growing snack brands in North America and the U.K., is a naturally delicious line of popped chips with all the flavour and less than half the fat of fried chips. popchips has been winning awards and acclaim since its launch in 2007 and has a growing list of celebrity fans and investors, led by social media pioneer andpopchips’  president of pop culture, Ashton Kutcher, along with Katy Perry, the new face of the brand.
popchips are now sold at over 20,000 retailers across North America and the U.K., including Whole Foods, Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, Safeway, Kroger, Target, Wegmans, Waitrose and select Costco locations, and online in the U.S. at store.popchips.com. For more information about the company and its products, pop over to popchips.ca, become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


As much as I love Popchips the new flavour is not for me. However my kids LOVE them. They also love that the mini bags fit perfecctly in their lunch bags. These tasty treats are a big hit in my house right now. 

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  1. I have tried all of the current flavours of Popchips. I think my favourite is the BBQ… SO good, and guilt-free snacking is awesome!

  2. I have not tried them, and to be honest, I haven't seen them in stores. I need to pay more attention.

  3. No I have not tried their chips before.

  4. I have tried them and I love them! And I like that they are healhier than potato chips!

  5. Donna Maroulis says

    Not sure if I would like Ketchup, but I have 3 little people who definitely would !

  6. yes I have and love them 🙂

  7. Jennifer C. says

    I've tried BBQ before, and I loved them! I am curious to try the Ketchup flavour.

  8. No I have not tried them

  9. I haven't tried them yet

  10. Love me some PopChips!

  11. YUM!!! I love the Sour Cream & Onion flavour popchips. Oddly enough, I'm eating some right now (yes, it's too late to be eating). And Ketchup is one of my favourite chip flavours so mix them with popchips and you have perfection!

  12. Love ketchup chips

  13. Christy Martin says

    I have tried the Sour Cream and Onion once! So good. Afraid of all the others!

  14. yes,I have tried popchips before,,they are good!! I cant wait to try the Ketchup flavor ones,,I LOVE kethcup potato chips,so these sound really good!!

  15. Yes, I've tried Pop Chips before!

    Anne Taylor

  16. I have tried Pop Chips before and really like them!

  17. I haven't tried them before.

  18. Dayna Wilson says

    I don't believe I have tried them.

  19. yes, only the bbq flavour though

  20. I haven't tried Popchips before.

  21. I have tried them, like them a lot.

  22. Haven't been able to find them in my neck of the woods, but I still want to try 'em.

  23. Yes, I have tried Popchips before

  24. nomnombearinyvr says

    I have tried popchips and they are so addictive.

  25. Huguette English says

    I have tried them and I love them! They are hard to find though.

  26. No, but I look forward to trying them.

  27. I have not tried Pop Chips before.

  28. No, unfortunately, I haven't yet!
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  29. Lee Pearson says

    Oh I love Popchips!!! They are so good and because they are so much healthier than regular potato chips, I can eat them guilt free. The problem is that I can't stop eating them. I am so excited about this new Ketchup flavour!

  30. I have tried & liked them

  31. I tried Popchips once at my daughters.

  32. I haven't tried Popchips before but really want to. I heard they were amazing and I love munchies.

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  33. Victoria Ess says

    I've never tried them before.

  34. Ive never tried them before!

  35. I have, I love the salt and vinigar

  36. Rhonda W G. says

    I have yet to try popchips!

  37. No have not tried them yet and might not unless I win a few, creature of habit

  38. Michelle Roy says

    I haven't tried them yet. Would love to though!

  39. Jennifer L. says

    I have tried them and loved them.

  40. No,I've never tried them. I love chips though so I'd love to give them a shot.

  41. I have not tried them before. This is the first time I've ever heard of them.

  42. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying pop chips yet but I would love too!

  43. I have tried them before! Taste good

  44. Deb Dorrington says

    I love them, the sour cream and onion and the original are delicious.


    I have tried them and ketchup is my favorite

  46. belinda mcnabb says

    I have tried them and love them


  47. Yes, I recently tried their cheddar and BBq

  48. no i haven't but I have seen a lot of posts on them 🙂
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  49. i have and are yummy

  50. I have never tried these before but I expect they would satisfy my salty cravings 🙂

  51. I have never tried popchips before

  52. I have tried them and the bbq are fantastic!

  53. Brenda Penton says

    I've had them a few times now.

  54. Karry Knisley says

    I have not tried them yet

  55. Tammy Dyalle says

    I have tried Pop chips and I love them! They are so delicious, I would love to try the new ketchup flavour.

  56. Tammy Dalley says

    Tammy Dalley (Sorry)

  57. Cheryl Grandy says

    I haven't tried Popchips yet.

  58. Clifford Perkins says

    I have tried them and they are very good, I like the Original ones!

  59. Never tried it, but soon hopefully!

  60. jodi frasier says

    I have not ever tried pop chips before..

  61. no – i haven't tried them yet, but i've heard only good things about them!

  62. No, I haven't tried popchips before but I'm sure I will soon.

  63. Haven't tried them yet but would like to

  64. I have tried the original pop chips and i could like to try the BBQ

  65. No I have not tried their chips before.

  66. I did but not he popcorn flavour.

  67. nope haven't tried it yet, but looking forward to it soon!

  68. not yet..but they look yummy

  69. never tried them, don't think I've even seen them here

  70. Ys, I love popchips!

  71. havent tried them yet

  72. i have not yet tried them, but would like to

  73. Christina Ferguson says

    Yes I have tried them and I love them. I haven't tried the ketchup ones yet. 🙂

  74. I loooove Popchips!

  75. I have not tried them yet.

  76. Yes, I have tried popchips.

  77. I've not tried them yet!

  78. I haven't tried them but would like to give them a try.

  79. Yes, like the Salt and Vinegar flavour.

  80. Sarah Stickney says

    I have never tried pop chips

  81. I have yet to try them…but will in the near future!

  82. Tried them and love them

  83. I have not tried POPCHIPS before. This would make a perfect opportunity to.

  84. Yes, once a few years ago
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  85. i have and they are delicious!
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  86. Louise Gilbert says

    I have not tried them, but I would love to

  87. I've tried them and they are sooo good!

  88. Popchips are amazing the cheddar and the bbq <3

  89. yes i have i love them

  90. Yes I've tried BBQ

  91. Tania Smith says

    I have never tried popchips before. I fear that they will end up tasting like all the other"healthy" chips. Like cardboard.

  92. julie_bolduc says

    never tried them

  93. I have & I love them!

  94. I've tried it ! 😀

  95. Yes, I've tried it. Like the ketchup flavour.

  96. Melissa Labelle says

    I haven't tried them yet.. but would love to try them

  97. Yes, and we love them!

  98. billiondollarprincesss says

    I haven't tried them yet but would love to!!


  99. Suminderji says

    Nope but they sound healthy for "chips".

  100. stacey h says

    have never tried them

  101. jenna3967 says

    I love Popchips, they are my secret addiction
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  102. Haven't tried them before – do they sell them at Costco? I think I've seen them there.

  103. Ive never tried them ,but always open to a new thing

  104. great snack

  105. Sunshine G says

    No, but I'd love to!

  106. i have not but would love to!!!
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  107. Veronica says

    No but I've heard wonderful things

  108. I've tried the plain ones.

  109. Katharine says

    I've tried popchips before. My favourite flavour is bbq.

  110. bailey dexter says

    I have not tryed them yet, but would love to!

  111. Ashley J says

    No, I have not tried them yet.

  112. karen Thaeter says

    These look delicious!-I havn't tried them yet

  113. jaimee m says

    i have tried them, and i love them!

  114. I have not tried them yet

  115. Lindsay Cyr says

    I have not yet tried Popchips, they sound good though!

  116. I've never tried them before, but would love to!

  117. No I have not!

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