Renovations, where to begin?



In November we bought a house. Not a new house but not an old house. The house is small and most everything in it is updated and newer. The property itself is huge. We have a large yard and the back backs onto a wooded marsh area that is never being built on. We live just outside of town and the neighbours are great. There really is not much we need to do to this house, except add on. however there are a few things we want to do. A few things we would like to make it officially ours.

Before us the owner of this house was a single man. So nothing was painted or personal. It was a bit of a mess and needed some deep cleaning. The washing machine and dishwasher were not used so our “over use” made them break down pretty quickly. One bedroom has carpet and the other has a peel and stick tile. Something that looks like it should be in a laundry room. We are planning on taking out the peel and stick and adding  laminate flooring instead. Then we can place a decorative throw rug on it and the boys room will have some character.

A few other things we are looking to do are paint and change up the window coverings. We saw some nice panels but want to wait until we have the painting finished. The holidays and the weather has put somewhat of a delay on our renos. Since it is nothing that needs to be done, there really is no rush anyway. Once all of this is finished we can focus on some new furniture and of course replacing our broken appliances. I have been washing dishes by hand and travelling to the laundry matt.

Watch here for some DIY and renovation posts. Hopefully you can learn form my mistakes 🙂 Well, hubs is pretty handy so I think we will be okay.

Have you done any renovations lately? I would love to hear about them.


  1. Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel says

    Renos terrify me! My hubby is not handy at all.

    We did hire people to put in laminate floor this summer and we love it!

    Good luck!

  2. We are currently on the hunt for our first house to buy so no renos yet as we are still renting. I would love if my landlord would replace our peel and stick flooring in the Kitchen/Dining room as I hate it but they won't even though it is junk and so worn. They said they are waiting till people move out as it is easier…they have no idea when that could be as we have not told them we are looking to leave. Frustrating..but am sure home ownership will have it's headaches too.

  3. I don't have any renovation tips for you but what an exciting time! To buy a new home, especially one that backs onto a wooded marsh area, is so thrilling. You home seems so nice and just needs your added tlc. I am really looking forward to your posts about how your renovations are going. Before and after pics would be awesome to see!

  4. Susan Miller says

    We are just starting the process of adding on to our small home as well, the engineer is coming today to take the measurements for our drawings to submit to our local township. My other half is very handy as well….Thank God!! We also have friends who are contractors so I am hoping by using their expertise they can offer us some sound advise so we can keep our costs down! We are completing a two storey side/ rear addition and interior renovation work to existing single storey,single family dwelling. Wish us luck!!

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