Snow Day Fun

Today is a snow day. We knew it was going to be and the kids were so excited. 


I wake up every morning at 6AM with our oldest son who is in high school. He takes the bus to school and when he is gone for the day my other children wake up and get ready. They also take the bus to school. We had been watching the weather and expected it to be a snow day today. I woke a bit early and checked online to see if buses were running. Living in the country if busses are canceled school is canceled. Nobody would be there if the school was open. Once confirmed I went back to bed. Our youngest woke just after 8AM and saw the snow outside. Not having much of a winter she was very happy to see the snow. She could not wait to go outside. I was able to hold her off until after she was dressed and had her breakfast. 

She eagerly ate her bacon and then we began the process of getting her ready to go outside. Pictures of A Christmas Story movies flashed through my head. I told her brothers to hurry up and get dressed. I told them she was not going to last long and was going to over heat before she got outside. 



I got DD all bundled up and dressed her in layers. Lots of layers. She had on her snowpants and mittens, boots and double socks. By the time she was done she was getting whiny and was ready to go outside. I think getting her dressed to go out took a good twenty minutes. I was worried she was going to have to go to the bathroom. However she was good and went outside.

For 10 minutes!

Yep. It took double the time to get her dressed as it did for her to play outside. 

She came in with red cheeks and snow everywhere. Not sure how she got snow in her boots with her snow pants over them, but she did. 

It reminded me of cooking Sunday dinner. You know, takes all day to cook and is gone in minutes. 

LOL At least it was fun while it lasted.



Is it just my kids? How long do your kids stay outside in the snow playing for? 


  1. sounds about right 🙂 But to them that 10 minutes feels like an hour of fun!!
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  2. We were out playing today for about an hour – it was a lot of fun!
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