Strawberry Shortcake Follow Your Berry own Beat live

Introducing an all-new musical production starring the most spirited red-haired girl, Strawberry Shortcake! In this live theatrical production by Koba Entertainment, Strawberry Shortcake, and her best friends Orange Blossom, Lemon Meringue, Blueberry Muffin, Raspberry Torte, Plum Pudding and Cherry Jam, prove that little girls can do berry big things!

Strawberry Shortcake and her best friends debut in Strawberry Shortcake: Follow Your Berry Own Beat! This musical adventure takes the audience to the whimsical land of Berry Bitty City where the whole town is buzzing with anticipation for the Glitzy Glaze Talent Show! Follow Strawberry Shortcake and the rest of the girls as they each prepare for their moment in the spotlight.

Hold on to your hats because that is not all! For the first time ever, Koba Entertainment is bringing together the iconic sweetness of Strawberry Shortcake and the wackiest siblings on television, the Doodlebops, in one spectacular show!

For tour dates and more info check out the Strawberry Shortcake Live on stage website 


Contest alert- Enter your information for your chance to win a meet & greet with the most spirited red-haired girl, Strawberry Shortcake! 26 winners (one per eligible city) will be randomly chosen and will also receive 4 tickets to see Strawberry Shortcake: Follow Your Berry Own Beat! with very special guests the Doodlebops! Select Ontario and East coast cities . Enter on Facebook here 

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