The reality of Twin Toddlers

My twin boys are the centre of my life.  They have brought so much joy and love that I never dreamed possible.  From the first moment I saw them I was overcome with a desire to love and protect them.  However, right now, I feel like it might be best if they were sent to an island far far away only to return once they are done with this testing, challenging and defiant stage.  Of course I still love them but here is a snapshot of yesterday:

– 15 time outs (sometimes one, sometimes both)

– 8 apocalyptic melt downs

– 1 incident of hitting their brother

– 2 meals were the food was not going to be eaten

– 2 struggles over clothing changes

– 2 screaming incidents over sharing (or lack thereof) the train track

– 2 hugs, kisses and “I Love you Mommy”

The last one is what makes it all worth it.  The others test my patience, my sanity and make me wonder what is the best way to raise twin toddlers?  I don’t think there is a parent out there that doesn’t find this stage of development challenging.  From the temper tantrums to the inability to control emotions, to the frustration at not being understood; being a toddler is hard. 

At the same time, it is a stage of amazing development.  Language, fine motor skills, reading, learning to make friends and sharing are also a part of this age.  Every day I am amazed at all of the things my boys learn and do differently.  From their developing imagination to pretend play I see their mind expanding daily.

I understand this stage is all about my boys learning to control their emotions and understand limits placed on them.  But it sure is hard some days. 

What stage has been the hardest for you as a parent?


Kerrie blogs at Family Food and Travel.  She is a mom of twin boys (born March 2010) who she often refers to as the ‘twinado’.  Kerrie loves, writing, travel, photography, and fabulous food.  Prior to kids, Kerrie was an avid reader and scrapbooker and hopes to one day return to those activities.  Kerrie once considered herself successful, that was until she attempted toilet training twins.



  1. Hmm. I think the teenage years have been hardest with my daughter. I wish I could give her a time out but since she is a freshman in college and doesn't live at home it would be hard to do! 🙂
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  2. Your post is thought provocking but for now, I am an aunt and not a Mom. Actually aunts should get more kudos for helping out and being like a second Mom 🙂

  3. For me, age 3 is the hardest by far! Terrible twos? i don't think so! My two year olds were so much fun. But three? They become independent, the hugs and cuddling diminishes, the naps stop. The tantrums increase 10 fold! If I survive the 3 year old, I deserve best mom of the universe award. lol. They are almost as bad as the teenage years.

  4. Oh, I don’t know how you do it with two! Toddler years have definately been the hardest so far but we are approaching the teen years with our oldest and he is really starting to give me a fit – we’ll see how it all compares soon enough!

  5. So far four has been my least favorite with my oldest. She just turned 5 and I feel like things are improving. Then I remember I still have a 2-year-old and twin 10-month-olds to ride this roller coaster with!

  6. The hardest was 4-5 months with a nasty sleep regression and then 17-18 months with a super busy toddler who didn't like the stroller, car seat, or sitting still at all…ever! My oldest just turned 3 and he's awesome!

  7. Cassie Fancy says

    the teenage years are the worst in my opinion . The attitude , hormones eep its scary

  8. Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel says

    So good to know I’m not alone in the struggles with the toddler stage. I work with tee wagers so they don’t seem scary to me!

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