Valentine’s Day Are you Celebrating?

chocolate covered strawberries

This year will be year eighteen for hubs and I when it comes to Valentine’s Day celebrations. In the beginning he was as romantic as one could expect.  Flowers, chocolates and even cards. Once we had children he even would be thoughtful and bring them home cards and chocolates. It was cute and fun but nothing like you would see on television. A part of me wants the romance and the adults only evening out. But reality is that will not be happening. So we do more of a family friendly Valentine’s Day.

There was one time I thought hubs was being romantic. Let me tell you about it.

I was 8 months pregnant and had two kids aged 2 and 5 running around I was very tired and not feeling all that great when it came to my self esteem. After all I was eight months pregnant. So we were at my mom and dads house for dinner. Hubs came in late as he was working. He passed the two kids each a beautiful basket of stuffed animals and chocolates. The baskets were so sweet. I was looking to see what he brought for me as I saw him carry a brown paper bag. Hubs was very practical and passed me the paper bag. I looked inside the bag , excited to see something for me.

Instead I saw a toilet brush.

Yeah, you read that right. A toilet brush

I had been nesting and cleaning like crazy and had mentioned to him the previous week that we needed one. So when he stopped at the store on the way home he saw it and picked it up. The baskets were at the same store so he picked them up thinking they were cute for the kids. He actually had no clue it was even Valentine’s day.

Being the tired emotional pregnant mama I was, I started to cry. He quickly realized what happened and started to apologize. We had dinner at my parents and on the way home he had to make a quick stop. He ran into a store I had never seen before and came out with another bag. A brown paper bag like the first he had. He passed it to me and I was not in the mood for a joke. So I refused to look. After some convincing I looked and saw it was actually nice. He got me some chocolate covered strawberries to say sorry and to try to be romantic. It was sweet.

Ever since then, I do not expect much. So when he does remember is is a nice surprise.

The kids always make nice Valentine’s for us anyway.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so how?


  1. lol ohhhh Kim! A toilet brush!! At least he remembered that you mentioned it hehe. The sweet thing is, that it sounds like he tries…that's more than some men do! 😉 Our Valentine's is more of a family thing right now as well, having two young kids. We wait until they go to bed though to have our alone time to celebrate together…which is still small and at home 🙂
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  2. Lee Pearson says

    Wow, that is hilarious!! One time my husband bought me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas!! He will never buy me a cleaning appliance again he learned NOT to! A toilet brush…oh, that is the absolute worst, betcha you never let him forget about that one eh! Chocolate covered strawberries is just so sweet 🙂 We really don't celebrate Valentines Day, when I ask him about that he says "everyday is Valentines day for you"…what a freakin cop out!

  3. Florence Cochrane says

    Valentines is a great way for couple to celebrate. Even if the men do forget from time to time, there are times when out of the blue they have little surprises or are really helpful.

  4. We do celebrate! He knows better than to forget or have nothing after all these years I figure it's a day for us and as a couple it's nice to remember each other, it does not have to be something huge just a heart shaped pizza from BP and nice note with a cupcake or something:)

  5. I will probably celebrate v-day by myself since my boyfriend lives so far away but we still get eachother gifts 🙂

  6. I celebrate valentines day by going on a romantic dinner and buying flowers for my gf!

  7. I celebrate v-day with my kids and we make heart shaped chocolates yum!

  8. I actually think that was very romantic of him. Just not in the TV sort of way. He bought you and the kids something just b/c…he didn't do it b/c he knew it was Valentine's day. I love that. My hubby has been getting me things lately just because…He brings home buns, or cheese bread, or twix. But he knows his wife. I think that is romantic. I love those things, and he knows me.

    We do exchange gifts, and buy dinner in for V-Day.
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  9. We celebrate with our daughter by giving her a small gift etc. but we chose not to gift with each other as all the holidays really add up. Valentine's Day is a cute holiday but not one the is all that important to me.
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  10. bewitchinkitchen says

    Haha! That's the best VDAY gift! I grew up with Valentine's being really big, we got amazing gifts. I plan on doing the same for my son.

    As for my husband, we decided to put our money together and buy some expensive weights we have been wanting. They should be here today!!

    PS – one Christmas I unwrapped a paper towel holder.
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  11. We use to have our night or weekend away before the kiddos. Since the kiddos have come along it's really just chocolates, flowers, wine and take out so the entire family can enjoy. We put the kids to be at the same time and we relax watching a romantic comedy, lol. Nothing too big.
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  12. My husband proposed to me on Valentine's Day 21 years ago. Our first day was Valentine's Day 23 years ago so Feb. 14th has a very special place in my heart. I think I value that more then my wedding anniversary because its when we started out lives together.

  13. createwithmom says

    I don't usually celebrate it although kids like to make something special for us 🙂 lovely post
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  14. multitestingmommy says

    Hilarious – after the fact 😉 My hubby asked me if an iron would be an acceptable Vday gift one year! I drew a line!
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  15. What a great story!! Love this.
    Normally we don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but this year we are going to see Bon Jovi = BEST PRESENT EVER!
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  16. What a lovely story…thank you for sharing. I like to think small and so does Michael. We have a wonderful romantic dinner at home and maybe a few chocolates for after.

  17. Ha! A toilet brush – that's a classic story that you'll always be able to have a good laugh at. I don't know if we'll be celebrating Valentine's Day this year…my husband usually forgets. 🙁

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