Confidence is Bull

Confidence is BullSh*t

There are people who can stand on a stage and tell their story and amaze us with their words. There are others who leap at opportunities without a second thought and in such a way that many of us sit back in our darkened corner and berate ourselves for lack of confidence.

But, I call bullsh*t.

It isn’t confidence really, not in the way I think of the world.

I like to think of it as courage.

The courage to leap ahead, knowing you may or may not succeed

The courage to stand there, with your tummy rolling and your palms sweating, and still go on.

The ability to take a deep breath, look someone in the eye and just be present, regardless of how you feel.

I believe we use “confidence” or lack of it, as an excuse not to do something, a safety net for not leaping into the unknown.

We are all capable, despite our fears and concerns, of doing whatever it is we dream of. Even the most successful person fears they will not succeed, worries they will stumble, and sweats over forgetting the words.

So, don’t worry about your confidence . . . just focus on your courage. It is a much better word, and a more empowering trait to host.


  1. Elva Roberts says

    March 12- I think you may be right in your thinking. I have spoken before groups a few times and it does take more courage than confidence . You have to be really motivated, or at least I do, before I get up to speak or I would not be able to do it. The cause is the important topc, not my fears and insecurities. Thank you for this way of looking at it. Elva Roberts

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