Creatively Capture Favourite #SpringBreak Memories with #FunWithHP

We are half way through March Break and my kids are getting bored. we have went on a few road trips but both times the iPad was dead and they were forced to look outside and enjoy the ride. Well I am being a bit sarcastic  They did enjoy signing along to the Hits on our car radio. I now have a plan for future rides. I just printed off a bunch of “S” pics for my 4 year old to use. She recently saw a Speech Pathologist and we are working on the “S” sound. I figured if we are stuck in the car for a while it is the perfect time to do this.

I just got a really cool printer shipped to me and it was just right for the job. The HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One printer allows me to print form my lap top, smartphone and any other device we have in the house. Its picture quality has my kids making copies of their school pictures and art work to send to family and friends all around the world. Not only is it a printer, it is a scanner too.


My 12 year old right away started discovering the apps and printed off lined paper and calendars. He also has plans for some graphs and crossword puzzles. I wanted to get the “S” words. We are driving to Toronto and I knew they would be perfect for DD and the long drive.

All the info you need on the printer 


Expand your home printing horizons.

  • Print documents and photos, make copies and scans, send faxes, access the Web, and print on the go.
  • Scan everyday documents and photos straight to email, and scan multiple files to a single document.
  • Do more in less time, using an e-all-in-one with a 25-sheet automatic document feeder and fast print speeds.
  • Save time—automatically print and copy on both sides of a single page.

Produce vivid photos with touchscreen simplicity.

  • Print lab-quality, fade-resistant photos,[5] using individual inks, including photo black ink.
  • Use the 4.33-inch (10.99 cm) color touchscreen to easily print, copy, scan, fax, and access Web content.
  • Use the convenient memory card slots or easy-access USB port to print photos at the e-all-in-one.
  • Stay prepared—ensure photo paper is loaded and ready, using the automatic photo tray with peek window.

Print and share wirelessly—at home or on the go.

  • Print from a smartphone or tablet with HP ePrint,[1] and print from a wireless device—without a network.
  • Easily print and share, using built-in wireless,[7] and connect quickly with HP Auto Wireless Connect.
  • Download convenient, free apps from HP and partners to wirelessly print directly from a smartphone.

Save energy and paper with ease.

  • Conserve energy—this e-all-in-one is ENERGY STAR® qualified.
  • Consume up to 50% less paper, using automatic two-sided printing and copying.
  • Get free, easy cartridge recycling through HP Planet Partners.

s papers

Now I am taping these to cardboard and we will use them tomorrow in the car. I am excited to have the time to do her “homework” I know she is going to love the “S” words. Snake, Scissors, Shoe,Stool, snacks, Santa, star and Sail. I was able to get a variety of sound combinations and the pictures are very colourful and brighter than my camera is showing. These are on regular printer paper. Next we are going to make place-mats out of her art work she painted at school. I am going to pint on photo paper and laminate. Very excited about this.

Along with this printer I got a pack of Everyday Photo paper from hp and a small pack of hp Advanced photo paper. Having kids in all levels of school and a home business this is the best piece of equipment I could possibly have here. Set up was fast and easy as was connecting our devices.





  1. Print Birthday cards for grandparents, that have my kids pictures on them!
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  2. I would use it to print out words to help with my sons reading (popcorn words/sight words)
    My recent post Loosening the grip – a big step

  3. multitestingmommy says

    I have so many files sitting in "Printables" folders that I would LOVE to print off!
    My recent post Are You As Egg’cited As Me About @KinderCanada's Easter Treats? #KinderMom

  4. Make Papercraft models similar to these

  5. I could print out all my daughters pictures and create a shrine at work. (joking obviously… a little… at least)
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday – Biker Chick

  6. I love to scrapbook so could use this for so many pages

  7. I like to print off patterns! Oh and I print off stuff for the boys for crafting, and of course speech stuff too.
    My recent post Spring Sneak Peek

  8. Print out colouring pages.

  9. I'd love to make some greeting cards!

  10. Make scrapbook with family pics 🙂

  11. Creating birthday cards and greeting cards

  12. Birthday invitations for my sons birthday party!


    oh I would love to get the photos off my teenagers phones and make hard copies of them, they have some of the best shots and I cant see them unless I look at them on their phone

  14. Lee Pearson says

    I would use this printer to print out pictures from a trip I took to Prince Edward Island with my mom. They are still sitting on my computer ready to print out.

  15. I would make birthday invitations and cards

  16. Kristi Renout says

    My son would love to use this to make cards for his family!

  17. I print a lot of photos and recipies

  18. I would do a ceremonial toss of my old printer! 🙂 Does that count as creative? I love how clear those pictures are!
    My recent post Artsy Play Wednesday March 13, 2013

  19. Have a number of friends getting married so would help them by printing some snazzy wedding and/or shower invites!

  20. I'd love to use this to print photos of my kids, everything is on the computer and as an example: This week my daughter was supposed to being photos of her family for show-and-tell and the only one I had to send was from over a year ago.

    I would also like to be able to print out my blog planners and invitations!
    My recent post Review: The Hunchback of Notre Dame Blu-ray Combo Pack

  21. Victoria S says

    I'd make photo cards, and I'd also have some motivation to work on a scrapbook I've been meaning to complete for my partner.

  22. sounds great

  23. I would make scrapbook, card and much more

  24. Erin Annis says

    I need a printer bad, to give picture to grand parents of my little ones

  25. I like to make birthday cards using photographs

  26. lisa bolduc says

    i would print out my wedding invites

  27. Photos of the kids, including our new baby, print outs for the boys to work on their reading and writing, mazes and puzzles, the possibilities are endless!

    Stacey K
    My recent post BlueWater Seafood – Giveaway

  28. Invitations, cards, scrapbooking, mini picture books

  29. Cool!! definately for printing invites and cards!

  30. stephy905 says

    I would love to make paper dolls with my cousins!

    Rafflecopter Name: Stephanie LaPlante

  31. Douglas Brown says

    My daughter will use it to print her homework and study notes

  32. all those invitations

  33. Amy Brown says

    I take a lot of pictures of my daughter, I'd love to print them for the family that live out of town!

  34. LILLIAN BROWN says

    Would be so much fun to make cards with the grandchildren

  35. I'd use it mainly for thank you cards and pictures to use for a social stories to help my kids know what needs to be done throughout the day.

  36. I have so many recipe links saved because I want to see the pictures – I'd love to be able to print them all off and make a cookbook!

  37. edmontonjb says

    I would love to make a calendar for the grandparents with pictures of the kids

    rafflecopter name – Jonnie J
    My recent post Share Your Creativity With Lysol For a Chance To Win!

  38. I have always wanted my own printer so I can print out patterns from the internet, make cards, scrapbook, and make labels for baking and preserves that I give as gifts to family and friends.

  39. Sunshine G says

    I could make some fantastic birthday invitations.

  40. I'd make a collage with different photos.

  41. harriet h says

    print and share photos wirelessly from all my devices

  42. Paula M-B says

    I like to do crafts with my little ones so it would surely get a work out. We're also planning a big trip to Disney in two months so I'd probably end up printing lots of Disney activities, worksheets, etc. to help keep them busy on the plane and in the car.

  43. nomnombearinyvr says

    Birthday card invitations and birth announcements for my BFF's baby!

  44. Cards for all occasions!

  45. Tricia Cooper says

    Greeting Cards!

  46. I'd love to make birthday cards, birth announcements, collages and so much more!

    Anne Taylor

  47. I'd like to scan photos and pictures that I could create a family memories slideshow. I'd like to also create crafts such as for scrapbooking, cut-out greeting cards, placemats and all sorts of paper crafts.

  48. Debbie Bashford says

    Would print out pictures and fun stuff and do some scrapbooking

  49. Marryam B says

    I would use this printer for my scrapbooking as well as print pictures of our recent family trips

  50. thejauntyloon says

    I'd like to print off the recipes I've been bookmarking and pinning online to make into a book for my girls at college.

  51. Brenda Penton says

    Greeting cards, calendars, crafts, recipes…so much stuff!

  52. I want to make and print out fancy scrapbooky birth announcements for the whole family. I want to frame them and put them up in our room.

  53. I am so behind in my family photo printing that I would love to have this printer to inspire me!

  54. Doris Calvert says

    Truth I am not creative at all, but I am thinking maybe this printer would help, I would love to do some creative things.

  55. I think this would be fun to make birthday invitations, Christmas cards etc. with

  56. Make scrapbooks and cards

  57. Carole Dube says

    Creating birthday cards and scrabooking.

  58. lori butler says

    personal birthday cards 🙂 thank you

  59. I love being crafty with my Tooth Fairy and/or Ladybug theme thing using related images. The possibilites are really endless, but I love the idea of imaginative greetings cards! ♥☺ Pinterest has so many fairy awesome ideas!

  60. I need it so soo badly!!

  61. I need to make crafts and printouts for my day home kids so this printer would be very handy!

  62. match up quilt design

  63. I would shrink and print little Christmas pictures for the boys to colour and make homemade cards with.

  64. Karin Dollery says

    Making homemade invitations and Birthdays cards. Decorations the kids can decorate and personalize and I'm sure everyone will have the ideas of what they can do lol

  65. I'd definitely do some scrapbooking stuff.

  66. cathy henatyszen says

    I would love this for printing photos and scrapbooking!! I don't have a printer right now, so this would be so awesome to win

    thanks so much for the chance to win with your blog!!!

  67. Oh man, I'd be delighted to win this. I like to make special birthday cards for my family members using photos I've taken. This printer would make that a breeze!

  68. binabugged says

    I know my daughter needs a better printer then the one we have as ours is making a funky sorta noise (She's in grade 11 and they are constantly doing papers)

  69. Printing birthday cards

  70. Dayna Wilson says

    I want to make custom jewelery for family members, using printed photos and glass stones.. just glue em onto a necklace setting and you've got a pendant with the kids, pets, wildlife, flowers…any photos you may have taken. I'm so excited about the idea.

  71. sharonbbledsoe says

    I would love this printer. The wireless feature is something I need because I have parrots who chew. I also love all the features of the printer…excellent!


  73. … would certainly be a LUXURY in this household with four grandson's wanting Grandma to print them colouring sheets and do other amazing crafts that only this printer could produce!

  74. prairiebelle says

    We would make some cool frames for my son's school picture to make gifts for family members

  75. Lori Bazan says

    Creating birthday invitations and special occassion cards!

  76. Jennifer A says

    I'd like to make banners and gift cards.

  77. Unita Esau says

    coloring pages for the grankids

  78. Jennifer L. says

    I'd love to make personalized calendars for ourselves and family.

  79. I would definitely love to use this for scrapbooking and card making for special occasions, especially for at Christmas because I'd like to send out a photo card around the tree 🙂

  80. Photos, cards recipes, kid projects the list could go on and on 🙂

  81. Could print Christmas tags.

  82. My DD could use it for her school projects; I could print photos from our vacations and copy important documents to keep for myself without having to leave my home to find a copier and pay for copies.

  83. I really need a new printer for pics and general prin ting

  84. InezbyDesign says

    I would love to be able to scan my watercolours to use them to create cards.

  85. Party invitations, greeting cards, activities for my daughter…. the list is endless

  86. Angela Mitchell says

    One project I could see myself doing with a new printer is printing off my daughter's homemade Birthday Party Invitations. I love that it is wireless!

  87. elaine bolduc says

    i would make birthday invitations for the grandkids with their pictures on them. and of course for my scrapbooking

  88. Birthday cards

  89. Make some nice cards, and maybe some bookmarks or colouring pages.

  90. I would use it for scrapbooking, card making, printing and scanning photos and my kids homework.

  91. Print out all my resumes and concept art.

  92. Chantelle says

    A giant poster on the kids bedroom wall

  93. Florence C says

    I would to try and create some birthday cards and calanders.

  94. I really need a printer

  95. Woooah i want too win that baad!

  96. Darrah Bailey says

    My kids would be so happy to make cards and pictures 🙂

  97. Michelle Bradley says

    I would love to print some exciting pictures of my granddaughter to bring with me on my next long hiking trip.

  98. I would make cards/labels for my knitting that I sell

  99. I'd use it to make greeting cards

  100. marjorie l. says

    printing stencils for crafts

  101. Printing photos

  102. The first thing I think of that I could make is cards! b-day cards, x-mas cards, valentine's cards! ooooh, I love to make cards! Also I could make scrapbooking pages, which would be awesome.

  103. Sabrina T says

    I'd like to make a collage of family members faces so that my little one can familiarize herself with her family all in one place as we don't get to see the family often

  104. Need printer

  105. sharonbbledsoe says

    This printer has so many great functions. Making card would be great!

  106. I'll use for my work, studies & evrything else! 🙂

  107. i'd scan in all my daughters art so i can make a photo collage printed on paper and framed.

  108. I would do a scrapbook of my family’s beautiful memories,recipe cards,print photos for a collage…the ideas are endless! I would love this amazing printer!

  109. could use this hp for my photos i take

  110. I need a new printer! This one looks amazing!

  111. family scrapbooks for all!

  112. So much fun craft stuff to print off the internet for the kids- colouring pages, scrapbook items, photos!

  113. I just need a new printer period

  114. MANUEL VIZCAYA says

    I want to make a photo collage.

  115. love it

  116. I currently have an all-in-one HP Printer and use the scanning function all of the time, but it doesn't have an autofeeder, so it takes FOREVER to scan multi-page documents. As well, I can't directly scan to e-mail, so sending documents via e-mail takes multiple steps. I'd love to be able to quickly and efficiently scan and e-mail documents, and it sounds like this all-in-one printer would be a perfect fit for me!

  117. chris johnson says

    Print coloring sheets out for my class.

  118. Scrapbooking, cards, invitations – ohhhh the list is endless!

  119. I do the invoices for my hubby's business and I have a dinosaur printer at the moment…this would make me sooo happy

  120. My kids would love the colourful arts and crafts I could print for them

  121. I make up recipe books of my favourite recipes for my family and friends. I could take a picture of it and print the recipe below it.

  122. I would love to have it to help my daughter with projects and other school work.

  123. print off tons of pics for my scrap booking for my girls!! would be a blast!!

  124. Filipa Santos says

    making invitations

  125. Jenn Clayton says

    This would be awesome for printing pictures to make a scrapbook for my daughter

  126. Bonnie Humphrey says

    Need a new printer..hope the bunny brings me one…ha ha

  127. I would use it to help make a family photo album

  128. I must say that Im not very Im sure my son would find lots to do with this,and I would print out lots of coupons and pictures 😉

  129. billiondollarprincesss says

    I'd love to make cards

  130. Printing off photos for scrapbooking, and coloring pages for my son (and me)!

  131. Marilyn Legault says

    I would use the printer for my scrapbooking and flyers.

  132. Elizabeth Handel says

    I want to print cards like birthday, anniversary. I would like to print an address book. As I go along I am sure I will think of other things..

  133. Christina Ferguson says

    I am a Paint Shop Pro addict and love to print out my creations to make cards, collages, decoupage ect.

  134. i'd use it for making photo collages of special events, as well as for creating invitations and cards.

  135. Holiday cards and invitations!

  136. I would scan some of Sara's baby pictures onto my laptop.

  137. i would love to be able to print photos from my smart phone!!! its pretty much the only camera i have right now 🙂

  138. sharonbbledsoe says

    I would love to make cards and poster and love the fact that it is wireless

  139. i would like to make handmade photo cards!

  140. My fiance and I could use it to make our wedding invitations and stationaries, as well as our own photobooks of our special day.

  141. Printing activities for my nieces and nephews! 🙂

  142. I would make photos of our parties and give them to attendees.

  143. I would like to do something to commemorate my love for beagles, some kind of hanging art.

  144. I would use it to make signs for my garden stand to sell my fresh eggs and veggies.

  145. Are you happy today?

  146. I would print off money savings coupons.

  147. I am addicted to scrapbooking so I would definitely use this amazing printer!

  148. I run a home based business, well 2 actually and this would be awesome for printing from all of my devices. Product fliers, pictures of products,specials and ideas that strike me as I'm sitting watching tv…..

  149. I'd like to make a poetry chapbook.

  150. Personalized cards for family and friends — with photos

  151. I would make party invitations

  152. Sandi Tymchuk says

    Print pictures from my iPhone–at last!

  153. i love making cards and invitations and can't wait to try it on the HP photosmart printer

  154. print labels for jars !

  155. SueSueper says

    I would make a few personalized calendars with the kids pictures in them for the grandparents. Would certainly have to include all grand kids. 🙂

  156. would love to win this!

  157. I would make birthday cards and print materials for scrap booking 🙂

  158. Print origami patterns onto paper – make it easier for the kids!

  159. Photo books of the kids

  160. I would be making teaching visual aids for a class I teach.

  161. I would use it for doing alot off crafts

  162. probably to help with scrapbooking and printing coupons 🙂
    My recent post Sugar Body Scrub

  163. Coupons all the way…and Release forms if I win a prize lol That's all I want from a printer 😛 I would make party invitations if I had to

  164. I would take it apart and build a suit of armor for my bunny with the components.

  165. I would use the printer to makes cards, calendars, and banners.
    My recent post Decorating our Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap Dispenser #LysolHandSoapContest

  166. i would make scrape booking stuff

  167. silverneon2000 says

    Greeting cards are always nice to make. I can see my family making those.


    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  168. Printing photos on birthday cards would be fun.

  169. I sure could use a printer.

  170. grace chen says

    so fancy, great tool

  171. Cheryl Almas says

    I would love to print photos and try scrapbooking.

  172. Birthday cards and calendars for Christmas!

  173. Fantastic printer!

  174. Sharon Bledsoe says

    I love all the functions of this printer including the fact that it is wireless

  175. Ginger Leah Gervais says

    The kids love to create art on the computer, print it then hang it on their bedroom walls 🙂

  176. Tracy Martin says

    I love to print off recipes with colour photos.

  177. julie_bolduc says

    would use it for birthday invitations and crafts

  178. Beth Rosell says

    I would use it to make graph illustrations for my plastic canvas and latch hook rugging

  179. I would love a printer that I could use to design original cards

  180. I would give it to my girlfriend

  181. photo collages for the kids' grandparents

  182. I would love a printer like this..great for using for work purposes..I love making things with family photos and my grandkids would love being able to do all kinds of fun things with it !

  183. Yes!

  184. I would use this printer to make birthday cards,gift tags and my daughter would use it for her school projects.

    (Michelle B )

  185. Elizabeth says

    I really love this printer, and the fact you can scan with it and fax makes it even better. You can take pictures of animals, kids, or scenery and put them on cards for birthdays, anniversaries etc. I know my grandaughter and grandson would really be impressed with this.

  186. Gluing prints onto cardstock, and cutting them into do-it-yourself jigsaw puzzles!

  187. sarah stickney says

    birthday invites

  188. I would like to make my Christmas cards with it.

  189. I would make some photo collages for my daughter's grandparents

  190. need one bad mine broke

  191. I would love to make cards with photos on the front!

  192. Caroline Morin says

    I would love to print out some of my most treasured pictures and make a gallery out of one of our walls.

  193. I would make collages. Finish my scrapbook. Update my pictures frames. Make invitations for all sort of occasions. My Epson printer is so ancient. I need an upgrade

  194. MAking my own photo albums!

  195. oooohhhhh you can bring memories back to life with this great invention. Love it!

  196. Jaime Brown says

    I think this printer will help my with my scrapbooking:), Thank you:)

  197. sharonbbledsoe says

    I love all the features of this printer. Printer cards and calenders would be terrific

  198. carl bainbridge says

    My kids want it so I can print them off a whole bunch of arts and crafts stuff and colouring pages. .
    My recent post Light It Up Blue For Autism Awareness April 2, 2013

  199. My girls are arts and craft Princess' and this would be an awesome accessory!

  200. Creative ideas… I have tons! I would love to make photo albums for the grandparents, along with making greeting cards and of course all kinds of crafts with my daughter!

  201. Karry Knisley says

    Calenders…birthday cards…magnets…scrapbooking

  202. I would love to print some season hockey photos for my son and his teammates.

  203. Printing pictures for all my scrapbooking projects!
    – Dawn
    My recent post Recipe Recap #8

  204. sharonbbledsoe says

    So many great features…I'd use them all!

  205. I'd like to make my own customized greeting cards

  206. You can print off some pictures of the kids and apply them onto tiles to use as coasters or whatever!

  207. sharonbbledsoe says

    There are so many great features, it's hard to pick a favorite. I'd enjoy all of them!

  208. I'd like to make my own cards, so this would be great!
    My recent post Click one of the post titles above to include it at the end of your comment

  209. sharonbbledsoe says

    I would use every great feature on this printer. Love that it's wireless.

  210. To win a new printer would be heaven. I'd use it to make greeting cards and for printing pictures.

  211. I need a new printer.

  212. Deb Dorrington says

    With all the sports pictures of the kids we could print up some and make scrapbooks for each of them, they would love that.

  213. I wouldnt miind finding a way to print out wall decals. But what Im looking into this for is so I can print out tattoo designs to stencil 🙂

  214. Birthday invites for my babys birthday

  215. retrophiliac says

    Making cards!

  216. I would love to print colouring pages for my daughter and activity sheets that she would like
    My recent post The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ~ PR and Giveaway

  217. sharonbbledsoe says

    I would love this printer. It has so many features, I'd use them all. I also like the fact that it's wireless.

  218. Not all that creative but colouring pages for my girl! And maybe printing some pictures out to finish her baby book

  219. Travelbuds says

    I would print off all my recipes I have stored on my computer.

  220. mikegismondi says

    I would print my birthday and christmas cards!

  221. sharonbbledsoe says

    Love this printer…lots of funtions; save your time; wirless. I would use it for everything!

  222. I like to use a printer for cards, resumes, pictures.

  223. I will make pamphlets for my chin rescue.

  224. S. Jackson says

    I could really use this a lot when I'm doing my scrappbookingwith my sisters

  225. frank cook says

    let the kids play with it

  226. make a great blanket!!

  227. Barbara DeFrance says

    I like the grandchildren to keep a scrapbook of their pictures and activities when they visit us in Florida.

  228. susan margaret says

    I want to make some invitations to our family's Spring Fling party!

  229. sharonbbledsoe says

    I'd love this printer. I'd use all the features. I also love that it's wireless.

  230. I really love the features of this printer scanner…the printer I have just eats ink!!!

  231. I would print up a lot of the pictures of the kids and some of their drawings and make a photo wall for my Mom who just recently moved to a much smaller place and has yet to put anything on her walls.

  232. sarcastic cards!

  233. I have so many pictures on my smartphone… I would love to have the ability to print straight from my phone and make a scrapbook of memories.
    My recent post Itch-Free Day with @LaRochePosayCA #itchfreeday

  234. sharonbbledsoe says

    This printer has so many great functions, I would use them all!

  235. Christy Martin says

    I know it is old news, but I would love to make a few calendars. The grandparents would love them. Otherwise, I would like to utilize this printer for some school projects I have, where I need to appear to be a graphic designer with no appropriate software!

  236. I would love this for printing pictures and LOVE that it prints from wireless devices 🙂

  237. Heather A says

    I would make good quality prints of my travel photos to frame.

  238. Wedding invites!

  239. I would use it to dabble more into scrapbooking and making memories.

  240. I'd use it to print up my homework… Boring

  241. For resumes, writing fiction, craft/art projects and coupons:)

  242. sharonbbledsoe says

    This is a great printer with lots of functions. I'd use them all!

  243. Wanda Jean says

    Family pictures would be a nice project

  244. I love to make cards for birthdays and xmas etc. This would help me make some awesome next level cards!

  245. Judy Hunting says

    I would love to make photo calendars for all my family for Christmas

  246. I would print all my vacation photos! so many nice ones!

  247. Courtney Miller says

    Print out pictures of my travels

  248. John Haney says

    Very Nice!

  249. Journeysof TheZoo says

    I'm not sure if it's creative but I'd love to print some pictures of my kids for my Mother in Law. Otherwise, she has to wait to see them in person.

    Great giveaway, thanks!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

    My recent post For Mom: Nordik Spa & Arbonne Beauty {Giveaway}, CAN, 3/31

  250. Laurie Cockburn says

    I'm a scrap booker. This would be perfect

  251. bina edwards says

    congrats to the winner and thanks for hosting such a great prize

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